Join Martin Selbrede Vice President of the Chalcedon Foundation as he gives answers to various important questions.

Chalcedon Q&A #54

Martin Selbrede

00:00:38 – What are the top three areas that still need to be developed in Christian Reconstruction? 00:10:17 – Christian courtship. 00:14:03 – Christian view of climate change. 00:19:20 – The life spans and fertility of the patriarchs. 00:23:32 – Rushdoony’s studying habits plus tips for better study. 00:30:14 – What it means to be least in the Kingdom of Heaven. 00:33:07 – As there was no death prior to the fall, would there have been seasons as we know them? 00:34:53 – Are there any reconstructionist works being done for drug and alcohol abuse? 00:41:02 – How long of a time passed between creation and the fall? 00:42:17 – Explanation of Exodus 4:19f 00:51:50 – How do we reconcile the fact that our sinless Lord learned obedience by the things He suffered?