If You’re A Christian You Cannot Vote For…?

John MacArthur is attributed with the quote “If You’re a Christian you cannot vote for a person or party that slays babies in the womb.”
This quote has been being passed around social media and it is being agreed with, liked, and promoted.
But, why only is the slaying of babies in the womb the lynchpin subject that Christians are to use to guide their voting decisions?
“Thou shalt not kill” is indeed a sin that Christians can not condone, but which ones can be?
What standard are Christians to use concerning who they are not able to vote for?
The standard is not ever actually given, just quibs concerning who Christians cannot vote for are given.
Christians would be better off explaining who they should vote for and why, however, it will become very obvious very quickly that all kinds of sins have to be overlooked in candidates and parties if the Christians are going to participate in the voting process in America.
There are two types of Christians today:
1. Those that overlook sins advocated by political candidates and parties and who choose the least sinful of the bunch. (This type of voting is really voting against the most sinful, not really a vote for the righteous. Example: Voting for a candidate that advocates 30% theft rate via taxes vs. a candidate that advocates a 75% theft rate via taxes)
2. Those who do not vote at all because they are awaiting the perfect candidate that upholds God standard of morality. (Which means that they will never vote. Or that they will vote for someone that will never win.)
This post is meant to make the Christian evaluate what the voting process in America, and it is meant to point out that Christians should not become overly heated on the topic of voting, nor split company and argue or destroy one another concerning this subject. (This happens all too often.)
Voting is not where the Christians hope rests, their hope in change is in the proclamation of the gospel and the discipleship of the nations.
Voting is the least important thing a Christian will do in his lifetime.
Here are a few things that a Christian CANNOT do:
If you are a Christian, then you cannot think that voting is a replacement for their Christian duties of discipleship.
If you are a Christian, you cannot think that protesting abortion is a replacement for proclaiming the gospel and teaching ALL THINGS that Christ has commanded, not just “Thou Shalt Not Murder.”
If you are a Christian, you cannot place your hopes in a ballot box, your hopes have to be in the Holy Spirit. It is He that will change the hearts and minds of America as He sees fit, and if and when He sees fit.
Rather than Christians focusing on what other people are or are not doing, they should be focusing on what they are doing.
What are you doing to influence your family and your community for Christ?