“Exposing Christian Schools: 10 Things That You Need To Know!”

Rev. Jeremy Walker

1. Article: #ExposeChristianSchools goes viral after Karen Pence and Covington Catholic School uproars

Link: https://www.dailydot.com/upstream/expose-christian-schools-hashtag/

2. 10 Things That You Need To Know About Chrisitan Schools & 10 Things You Need To Know About Government Schools:

Christian Schools:
1. Christian schools teach that there is a God and He created all things that exist.
2. Christian schools teach that nothing is allowed to be created or imagined by man that can command his loyalties.
3. Christian schools teach that man is not allowed to reimagine his world, his purpose, or origins without consequences.
4. Christian schools teach that labor and freedom are basic to man’s life and being.
5. Christian schools teach the family structure as created by God, the authority of the family, and the importance of all it’s members.
6. Christian schools teach that no one is supposed to harm another person in thought, word or deed. All people are to be treated with the same level of respect and only their good is to be promoted at all times.
7. Christian schools teach sexuality as created by God along with the importance of sexual purity before, during, and after marriage.
8. Christian schools teach that theft is wrong under all circumstances for all people and that the three main ways a person gets what they need or want is by working for it, asking for it, or receiving a gift.
9. Christian schools teach that truth is to be spoken about all people whether it be good or evil.
10. Christian schools teach that covetous of the property of others is evil and prohibited.

Government Schools:
1. There is no God and all things came into existence by chance and natural unknown processes.
2. Man is alone in the universe and without guidance outside of himself. Man must determine what is moral and right for himself.
3. Man must give his own life purpose, decide for himself what he is (male/female) and why he is alive, and most often they are taught that the world is better off without mankind than with.
4. Man has dignity and worth which means that he deserves the necessities of life because of his dignity and self worth and others must give it to him without the expectation of working for his needs or desires.
5. The family is a cultural creation that can be defined and redefined anyway an individual wants to, and the parents do not possess any authority over their offspring.
6. No one can tell anyone else what is good or not good to do to someone else, and anyone that disagrees with you can be abused and disrespected without remorse. (Racism is actively promoted.)
7. There are no limits on sexuality other than the subjective temporal rules created by society that are subject to change at any time.
8. Theft is not only not wrong it is actively promoted on the local and national level.
9. Lying is not only promoted it is a virtue.
10. Covetousness is a virtue. (Tax the rich and give free stuff to people like healthcare, social security, welfare, unemployment, and more.)

3. The Preschool Pioneers Field Guide:
How to handle people who do oppose Christian teaching to their child in a private Christian school.

1. Welcome anyone to sit and evaluate what the children are being taught during Bible time.
2. Be firm in the stance that moral teaching is an integral part of the school and no children can be exempted from it.
3. I’ve never had anyone tell me not to teach their children the 10 commandments. We are open to the public. They know naturally that it is right.