Edifying content for families explaining familial duties, practical advice for conducting Family Bible Times, and Shared experiences from a family of 13.

Show Notes:

1. The family has the responsibility to educate their children.

We must teach our children that all sexual activity outside of marriage is forbidden by God and those that engage is extra sexual activity before marriage or with someone other than their spouse will be punished by God.

a. The Bible is the single best sex ed course parents could ever ask for.

b. Discussions should be age appropriate.

2. The family must side with God

We must promote sex inside of marriage and make clear our hatred of and premarital and extramarital sexual activity.

a. Parents are to model a Godly family before their children.

b. Parents are to put only those around their family that reinforces God’s position on sex.

c. Parents MUST ensure that their children are not allowed to be around peers that would contradict God.

d. Parents must not allow anyone to attempt to teach their children that would contradict God.

3. The family has the responsibility to help guard the sexual purity of their children up to marriage.

We must take steps to ensure that our children keep themselves out of compromising situations that they will not be able to handle.

a. Parents should not allow their children to go to places where they could be placed in unprotected unsupervised situations.

b. Parents should not allow their children to dress or act in ways that are sexually provocative.

c. Parents should not allow their children to engage in any conversations or physical contact that is exclusive to spouses.

4. The family has the responsibility not to think any of its members are above sexual immorality and are to take steps to ensure this does not happen.


Jeremy Walker: 00:00 This is Jeremy Walker and you are listening to Reconstructing The Family. A podcast which seeks to put focus on the family, and of course, how we’re pushed to reconstruct it as Christians, and put everyone inside the family in the proper place in order. This episode and more can be found on our website, at cr101radio.com. As always, this episode is brought to you by the GCS Apprenticeship Program, which seeks to find young men and women and train them how to be successful Christian school teachers, or how to own and operate their very own Christian school. If that sounds of interest to you, or someone you know, please visit their website at gcsapprenticeship.com.

Jeremy Walker: 00:43 Well, welcome back, we’re back to another episode here of Reconstructing The Family. this episode is entitled, Marriage Is Honorable. Well, that comes from a Bible verse in Hebrews 13:4. There’s lots of Bible verses, and we’ll be touching on different Bible verses with each episode that we’re going to be doing here. But Hebrews 13:4 reads, “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled. But whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge.”

Jeremy Walker: 01:21 Well, there’s a couple of things we’re going to be discussing today about the family itself and how it’s supposed to be reconstructed. The term reconstruction just has to do with reordering how the family looks, how it acts, the different parts of the family and their responsibilities and what they’re supposed to do. As Christians. There’s a lot of hubbub about the family and about responsibilities and how we’re pushed to focus on those.

Jeremy Walker: 01:48 I know people have put a lot of attention on this sometimes. Sometimes they talk about it, sometimes they don’t. But for me, I think the families are clearly falling apart. I think that they have husbands who are not husbands, wives who are not wives, moms and dads who are not moms and dads and children who are not doing their job as children. Because of that, the family is in crisis. On top of that you have the church who is not doing their job as a norm to help teach about the family structure and to support it, and to get it back on track. You have the state, who is also doing everything it can to tear the family down and tear the family apart.

Jeremy Walker: 02:35 Basically, reconstructing the family is very important. It should be a major goal for us as Christians, because it is the foundational institution on the planet, the very first one that was ever created. It is the most important one. More important than the institutional church and more important than the state.

Jeremy Walker: 02:59 Now, we’re going to be discussing lots of things as we progress. But let’s go ahead and jump into this Bible verse. As parents, I think this is important because if you don’t know me, Jeremy is my name. Of course I’m married. My wife, her name is Abigail. We have 11 children. The concept of what it means to be a good father and a good mother, good family, good Christian family, it’s very important to us. My wife and I, we always talk about this subject with our kids.

Jeremy Walker: 03:27 If you’re a parent of any sorts, then you know how hard it is to be a parent. You second guess yourself all the time. There’s a reason why they sell these parenting handbooks all over the place. Because I’ve heard the question a lot when we talk to parents, I wish children came with a handbook, or I wish that parenting came with a handbook.

Jeremy Walker: 03:51 Well, it just so happens that it does. That’s called the Bible. What we’re going to be doing today is going over this verse, Hebrews 13:4. As we go through it, I like to discuss some of the things we should be learning from these things. Because the Bible is our handbook. It’s going to teach us about what it means to be a person, as an individual, Christian. It’s going to teach us what the Christian family should look like, how it should act, what husbands are supposed to do, wives are supposed to do, fathers, mothers, and children.

Jeremy Walker: 04:25 We’re going to start here with this one here. Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled. whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge. Well, it’s very important because it’s setting forth … The Bible always sets a standard. Not only does it set a standard, it also sets the antithesis to the standard. In other words, it’s against something. It’s got a positive and it’s got a negative. As Christians, we’re supposed to be doing that. We’re pushed be finding, what am I supposed as a husband, wife, parent, and what am I supposed to not be doing?

Jeremy Walker: 05:00 The first thing in this verse we should be discussing is that the family has responsibility to educate their kids. If you are a parent, your job is to educate your kids. It’s not the church’s job to educate your children. It’s not the state’s job, to educate your children, it is your job to educate your children. Now, the church has its function, it definitely does, to help guide especially in the matters of Christian education and morality. That’s very true. The state also has a purpose as well through its laws. It’s promoting morality. What is legal is what is moral and what is illegal is immoral. Well, at least that is what it should be.

Jeremy Walker: 05:44 Whenever we say that whose job is it to educate children? It is the parents; the father and the mother. The father in particular, and the mother, also secondarily. Now, what is it we’re supposed to be teaching about this subject? Because we’re talking about marriage, in particular. If we’re going to reconstruct the family, marriage is the most foundational institution we’re talking about. In the garden, it was the very first thing that was at least humanly speaking, the first institution created.

Jeremy Walker: 06:16 God says, “This is honorable.” The bed here. What we’re talking about is marriage isn’t just about companionship. That’s part of it. A woman is a helpmeet to the man. Together they form one person. But it is a union of people, not just in contract or covenant, but also sexually as well. The two come together and form one flesh. Of course, the natural product of that is children. That’s what it comes down to.

Jeremy Walker: 06:51 That old saying, I guess first comes love. Second comes marriage. Then comes the baby in the baby carriage. Old rhymes we used to quote which were common. But sexuality in marriage is expected. Absolutely expected, 100% it is the place for it. And God says this is undefiled. This right here is clean. This is legal. This is the area. Many women are sexual beings. They have natural inclinations towards this. They can’t help themselves. It’s how they’re made. It’s how they’re created.

Jeremy Walker: 07:29 God says, to fill these urges, the institution is marriage. Later on, you’ll have apostle Paul says, every man should have his own wife and every wife should have her own husband. But what is it supposed to teach as far as educate … Our job is to educate about what marriage is, about what sexuality is. So, what are we supposed to teach?

Jeremy Walker: 07:54 Well, a couple things here. We must teach your children that all sexual activity outside of marriage is forbidden by God. Those that engage in extra sexual activity before marriage, or with someone that’s other than their spouse is going to be punished by God. This is the most foundational thing and it goes with the seventh commandment, of course, if you were unaware, which is Thou shalt not commit adultery. Very basic concept, one of the 10 commandments. If you’re teaching the 10 commandments to your children, this is going to be part of that. If you’re not, you should be.

Jeremy Walker: 08:31 But what does it mean to do this? Some of the things I think people don’t understand is what am I going to teach? For some reason I remember growing up before I had kids and all the rest. There was a place that we learned sex ed. The place we learned that, you guessed it, was not in the home. It was definitely not in the church.

Jeremy Walker: 08:54 If the family wasn’t going to be the primary educator of sexual education. If the church was not going to be teaching sex ed, who was going to do it? Well, you guessed it, it was the state. So, sex ed classes when I was in elementary school, fifth grade I think it was. They would separate the boys and the girls and bring you in and even have a state sanctioned classes. They would teach the children, the little boys and little girls about sexual activity.

Jeremy Walker: 09:30 Now, a question ion has to be is, from what perspective, are they going to be teaching it? That’s the point. There is no moral neutral ground, where these types of subjects are concerned. Sexuality is a religious subject. Why? The reason is because there is a position. There is something that you believe about sexuality, and that belief is religious.

Jeremy Walker: 10:00 Now, the fact that creation itself is up for debate in the Christian family, the Christian school, God is the creator of mankind. He’s the creator of sexuality. He created the sexual urges, He created the sexual organs, the body itself. He created the institution of marriage, He created all of it.

Jeremy Walker: 10:23 So, to learn about it, you go to God and find out what He wants you to learn about how things are supposed to function. When you have a state a humanistic state. They don’t have God as their foundation, they have, well in the case hen I was growing up, evolution, chance, spontaneous combustion, accident. The words there was no creation. They would teach you the facts about how boys are created. In their words, their basic physiological makeup, and of course the women their basic physiological makeup.

Jeremy Walker: 11:00 But what you do with those things? And what is moral to do with those urges, where they come from and all the rest? Those are two different subjects. Where are we always supposed to get our sex ed manual from? We know that the state creates their own. They start with the evolutionary background, and they teach religion. When anybody tells you that public education is not religious. Just ask her that question. Well, are our schools teaching sexual education in schools today? The answer is, yes, they are. They’ve been doing it since I was a kid, and obviously before that.

Jeremy Walker: 11:42 But the point is, is that they are religious. They’re going to be teaching religious ideas to your child. But the family is supposed to do that. The church is supposed to do that, and the state does have a function under God to support that, but it’s not the primary educator. Through its laws it is, supposed to a form of sexual education. Because if they said that adultery was wrong, for instance, they’d be teaching that, well, you can’t commit adultery because it’s against the law, and it is immoral. Therefore, the state will, under God, come in and punish you for that.

Jeremy Walker: 12:21 The church should be doing the same thing, it should be teaching, thou shalt not commit adultery in the first place so you know what it is. The families also, with the support of the church should be teaching that as well.

Jeremy Walker: 12:32 But where is the best sex ed manual at? Well, I’m not sure if you know this or not, I hope you’ve paid attention. But the Bible. The Bible is the single best sex ed course that parents will ever get. All you have to do is read the Bible, especially the Old Testament in particular. The narrative alone is going to give you so many subject … I think every single subject is covered as far as sexual education is concerned. I can’t really think of any that are left off throughout the Bible as we’ve read them. I’ve gone through with my kids personal Bible studies and things like that.

Jeremy Walker: 13:13 One thing I can tell you is that quite often, it’s shocking and surprising what you’ll come up against if you just read the narrative and you teach it to your kids. Now, you do have to be careful, because the Bible is very explicit, very explicit indeed, sexually explicit. If you weren’t aware of that, then you’re not reading it very well.

Jeremy Walker: 13:34 But when you’re teaching your kids, the Bible is the best place to start. Because it is God’s word, it’s God’s standard. He’s going to have the pluses and the minuses. He’s going to even have a narrative for you. The positive ways that people will use their sexuality and the negative. The positive things that happened to them for doing a good job and the negative consequences for them not. So, it is the primary and sole place you really need to go to look for those ideas.

Jeremy Walker: 14:03 Now, besides just educating our kids, the family has to do something else, because education is primary. But secondarily, the family has to stand or side with God. I know that sounds silly. Who’s going to side against God in the case of marriage and the family and all the rest? Well, actually they do. We’ve already talked about a little bit that the state is completely contrary to God as far as this concept of marriage is honorable, and the bed is undefilable but whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge.

Jeremy Walker: 14:39 When we’re teaching our kids, we’re supposed to be teaching sexual inclinations are normal. They’re good within marriage. But whoremongers, those are the people that are going after promiscuous women. These are young men or men in general, who want and desire to have sexual relations with women outside of marriage. Now, the whoremonger, they are seeking a whore. A whore, of course is a female, a woman who is sexually active outside of marriage. A single woman, sexually active outside of marriage.

Jeremy Walker: 15:17 You have God clearly prohibiting all sexual activity outside of marriage among single men and women. Second, adulterers, God will judge as well. These are people who are men and women who are married, but have sexual activity with people other than their spouse. Now God is also clearly drawing the line, says sexual activity inside marriage with your spouse, very good, perfect, honorable, undefiled. Sexual activity as a single person, man or woman or a married person with somebody other than your spouse; very bad, God’s going to judge this, you’re going to have major problems.

Jeremy Walker: 16:03 This is the basic education that your children are supposed to receive from you as the parent. Whenever we talk about siding with God, that is what you’re going to be siding with. You’re only promoting sexual activity inside marriage, and you’re absolutely adamant against sexual activity among people who are non-married, and of course completely against those who are having sexual activity with somebody other than their spouse.

Jeremy Walker: 16:33 Because to side with God means we must promote sex inside marriage and make clear our hatred of these things; the premarital sex and extra marital sex activities. Here’s a couple of things for you that I think this is how the family can show that it sides with God. Because as a parent, it’s very important to me. If you were a parent, I’m sure you’ve thought about this and what is my duty with my … What’s my responsibilities?

Jeremy Walker: 17:00 What I came up with is a couple of things. First thing I came up with is, parents are to model a Godly family before their children. That means that the husband and wife should make it very clear that they’re very happy within their marriage. That’s done lots of different ways, mostly by working together. Both people giving respect to each other. But also it should be very clear that they’re affectionate with each other as well. As your children get older, they’ll start to understand this concept a lot more as well.

Jeremy Walker: 17:29 If you’re like, my wife and I, and you have 11 children, and as children get older, and they learn that concept where babies come from, then they’re going to be very obvious that the relationship between the husband and the wife, or the mom and the dad is obviously one of sexual fulfillment, with inside marriage. Now, that’s not something you sit down and tell your kids and say, “Mommy, and I we really like to have this type of activity with each other. We’re not talking about that. But what we are talking about is that you modeling this, your contentment, your affection for each other, that you don’t show affection towards other people, in the same manner that you show affection for your spouse.

Jeremy Walker: 18:10 Those types of things are clearly secluded within the confines of one person for the other. That modeling behavior is one of the primary ways that you clearly show that you side with God. On top of that, it’s also a form of education that you do as well. Because it’s one thing to say something, it’s another thing to do it.

Jeremy Walker: 18:30 Now, the next thing that is also important, parents are to put only those people that are around their family that reinforce God’s position on sexual activity as well. Your friends, your family, your close associates, those people that you’re bringing into your inner circles.

Jeremy Walker: 18:53 This doesn’t mean that just because you work with somebody who is not in agreement with God that your kids are going to think that you also are in agreement with them breaking God’s commandments. That’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about those people that the family brings in to their inner circles, people that they associate with closely, people that they can bring over to have over for dinner, maybe they’re family, they’re brothers, they’re sisters, or aunts or uncles. These kinds of people, when they bring these people into these circles, but there’s no criticisms. Or if there’s open flagrant sexual sins, and yet, you as a parent don’t do something about it, you continue to bring these people who are clearly violating God’s law in this subject, and bring them into your inner circles to associate with your children, even though you’ve been teaching them that God’s law is important . That marriage is important and honorable, and that God is going to judge whoremongers and adulterers. Even though you’re teaching that maybe, in your actions, you’re not backing that up, you’re not supporting God.

Jeremy Walker: 20:04 You can try to say, “Well, we just want to help these people, we just want to be good example to them.” No, what you’re doing is you’re being a bad example to your children. You can’t sacrifice one for the other. You want to be a good example to your family who might be having these types of problems, well, then talk to them on the phone. You can talk to people on the phone. I can guarantee you the conversation is not going to go very well.

Jeremy Walker: 20:26 If you attempt to correct people who are involved in these types of sexual sins, the conversation will typically be short, and your association will even be shorter. They will not want to come around the person who’s going to hold them accountable to this standard that God has. But your children need to see that. They must see you side with God over associates and family and otherwise.

Jeremy Walker: 20:52 Next part here I would say is this, parents must ensure that their children are not allowed to be around peers that would also contradict God. There’s a lot of people out there that allow their children to associate with obvious whores and whoremongers as the Bible would have in its language, very clear. They also allow their children to associate with people that they know either are currently involved in adultery or have been in and have been unrepentant. You cannot allow your children to have peers of the sorts. This is going to rub off on them. Even though you might teach the standard, if you do, they’re going to know by your actions, that you are allowing them to be around these types of people. That you really don’t believe it. That you really don’t have that conviction. So, you’re not actually siding with God. You’re actually siding with those that God says he’s going to judge.

Jeremy Walker: 21:50 Another part here that parents must do, they must not allow anyone to attempt to teach their children in contradiction to God. If there is any person or institution that is teaching that marriage is honorable and the bed is undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge, this will be, already mentioned it, governmental education that is going to teach that it’s actually okay and “normal” for people to be sexually active. They promote this idea. In schools, they pass out condoms, they have people who are going to be teaching them about safe sex practices and all the things in between. You cannot, as a Christian parent, allow anyone to contradict God. This means you are not starting with God. You’re shouting with those he is going to judge.

Jeremy Walker: 22:44 In effect, that means He’s going to judge you, as a parent. You have to be more afraid of God than you do have to be worried about what the community is going to think about you or what your extended family is going to think about you, or what other church members might think about you? These are your kids we’re talking about here. These are your children we’re talking about. What is wrong with you if you can’t stand and say, “I’m going to make sure I do everything in my power to make sure that my children side with God so they can be rewarded. So they are not defiling themselves. They’re not destroying their families. That I’m not the cause of that.” We’re not going to get away with it as parents if we allow that to happen.

Jeremy Walker: 23:38 The next part I’d like to discuss here is that the family has responsibility to help guard the sexual purity of their children up to the point of marriage. Up to the point of marriage, I say is up to that point, because at that point, when the children leave the home, they leave father and mother and they become now a new family, husband and wife, one flesh.

Jeremy Walker: 24:03 The parent’s job stops at that point. Now, they can still help as far as keeping people accountable, but that child is no longer part of their family, per se. So, it’s not their job to now guard their child’s sexual purity once they’re married. But up to that point, it is their job. God will hold parents accountable. He’ll hold me accountable, you accountable for what you do or don’t do.

Jeremy Walker: 24:34 We must take steps and that means to ensuring that our kids keep themselves out of compromising situations, or situations that they just cannot handle. This comes down to a few concepts which you really have to get this as a parent. If you don’t understand this yet, you’re in for a rude awakening. I’m trying to explain this now. Because there’s so many people that I know from my past and otherwise that they might be sadder now, but they’re definitely wiser. In other words, they messed up. They decided that they could trust their child. My kid can handle, they know, I taught them right. Nobody cares what you taught your kids. They are a fallen humanity. Men, women.

Jeremy Walker: 25:24 We have a good family. No, you don’t have a good family. You might have a Christian family. You might have a good educated family. You might have a smart family, but your kids are still fallen. If you don’t get that, if you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand anything. If you can say that you trust your kids, you think that they know the right decisions to make, wrong. They don’t.

Jeremy Walker: 25:49 Good example of that is what we’re talking about as far as people trusting themselves or otherwise, King David. Man, if there’s anybody that’s just stand up Christian that you would say, not that guy, not that guy. That man right there, he loves God with his whole heart. He’s a brave man. That man right there, he’s a good guy, he wouldn’t have these types of problems. Let’s be like David.

Jeremy Walker: 26:17 David was the top notch most honorable man I can think of in the Bible. But if you’re paying attention, this is the same man who stole another man’s wife, had a child with her. So, he became an adulterer. He became a whore monger, and he also became a murderer, David did. See, the problem was, is that no one can trust themselves, and you can’t trust your children not to fall into temptations.

Jeremy Walker: 26:48 So, guarding them means helping them. It doesn’t mean that you are some horrible person. It just means you actually believe in the sin nature of humanity, of men and women. Let’s go over a few things. I know that there’s a lot of debate over some of these issues. I’m not going to be overly specific. But as parents, there are certain things we have obligations for, and to God for these things. Number one, I would say, parents should not allow their children to go places where they can be unprotected or unsupervised. This is just general safety right here. If you want to help keep your children sexually pure, then you are their primary source of protection.

Jeremy Walker: 27:34 People, there’s a big concept recently about rape issues and things like that. Well, who do you think is the primary protector of your children, be it male or female? It’s the parents, it’s you. So, if you send them places without protection, then you can’t expect to say well, I did everything I could to help them. It’s just that horrible person over there who took advantage of my child. Did you do your job? Did you send your child someplace that was unprotected or unsupervised? Then how in the world can you say that you did everything that you could? Did you put them in situations … Just to give a couple of specifics.

Jeremy Walker: 28:19 When I was growing up, sleep overs were a big thing. But when people went over to other people’s homes and things like that, there were other people that lived in the home. There were, maybe if it was a girl went over to another girl’s house, it was her friend, maybe she had brothers. Maybe the girl had some friends they were male friends who were going to come over and you didn’t know about it. Maybe there was a father there who might try to seduce your daughter, or all the other things in between. There’s a lot of different things we’re you’re sending your children to unprotected situations and problems that can happen.

Jeremy Walker: 28:53 Your job and I’m just giving some general ideas, but number one is not to allow your children to be unprotected or unsupervised, this isn’t a good idea. sending them in places where you know they’re in proximity, very close proximity to other young men and women that are unsupervised is also a very bad idea to expect them to rise above those temptations is not mature parenting. It’s naivety.

Jeremy Walker: 29:25 Another part here that parents have responsibility to do is parents should not allow their children to dress or act in ways that are clearly meant to be sexually provocative. This is not something I want to argue over with people. Concept of modesty comes up of course. How short should the skirt be and how low cut can the dress be and how tight can it be and what kind of styles can it be? That’s not really the debate here. If your children are dressing in a manner purposely meant to elicit a sexual attention or be sexually provocative, you are the parent, you’re responsible for this.

Jeremy Walker: 30:10 My thoughts on modesty is pretty simple. I think that the parents, the father in particular, sets the standard for what he considers to be appropriate for his family. Why” He’s responsible. You’re not going to have to go, well, the pastor said this, or Joe down the street, his kids do this. Nobody cares. Nobody cares. You’re responsible. If you allow your children to do something which is eliciting a sexual response, and they get that, somebody gets the connotation that your daughter is looking for sexual attention or your son, you’re responsible for that.

Jeremy Walker: 30:52 I’m not saying that our children shouldn’t be attractive. Females and men is part of it. Young people are going to attract each other just generally and naturally. But to purposefully do so, to be overly. Just to give my personal example, a girl whose skirt is way, way, way, way too short, is clearly purposely doing this. If her clothing is overly way too tight, or her chest is clearly been accentuated or even mostly visible, then these are clear indications of what she’s attempting to do. Also goes for the men as well.

Jeremy Walker: 31:34 But as the parent, the general concept is that you’re supposed to help them understand what is appropriate and not and to set the standard. What that standard is, well, you’re going to be responsible for that. Don’t worry about somebody else’s standard is or you agree with somebody else’s standard. What is your standard? And are you doing everything with your standard to help them? Because it’s not about what makes them happy, or what the community’s goals are, or the churches or the people in the church think about it. You as the parent are responsible for that. So, you set the standard.

Jeremy Walker: 32:09 The next part is parents should not allow their children to engage in any conversations or physical contact that is exclusive to what would be within marriage. What does that mean? Well, men and women talk to their spouses in lots of different sensual and or sexual ways. Well, frankly speaking, children, don’t care what their ages are, young people, whoever they are, have no business having these types of conversations with anybody who’s not their spouse, period, paragraph.

Jeremy Walker: 32:44 Number two, they have no legitimate excuse to have any physical contact with somebody that is of a sensual nature. Now, we all know that men can hug women. If you were going to hug your mother or hug somebody you haven’t seen a long time or relative, that is different than what we’re talking about here. But physical contact between people, any shape, form or fashion, is meant to be sensual, is something that should be forbidden unless it’s within those who are spouses.

Jeremy Walker: 33:18 Why? Because you have no legitimate reason, legal reason to do so. What does that mean? Well, I remember somebody asking a question one time, what I mean by that. Real simple, my wife is my wife. Now, if a man comes up and gives my wife a hug, or touches her in a way only I should be touching her, no matter what it is, even if it’s just holding her hand, that’s going to be a major problem. Why? He has no legal right to touch my wife in that manner or me. If I was a man, and obviously married and went and touched somebody’s daughter in any shape, form or fashion, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be in a specifically sexual way. But in a manner that only I should be touching my wife, then this is inappropriate.

Jeremy Walker: 34:12 It doesn’t matter who they are, if they’re single if they’re married, or anything in between, or who these people are, but we should be purposefully ensuring that this right here does not take place. Because the only reason to do these types of activities, to have these types of conversations or to be touching people physically, is because we have the right to go further. In other words, marriage is honorable, the bed is undefiled, but anything outside of that is whoremongers and adulterers and God’s going to judge it.

Jeremy Walker: 34:44 As parents, we have the responsibility to guard and protect from these things. I know people have a lot of different ideas about hand holding and courting and all the stuff in between. What it really comes down to is this, if you don’t have the legal right to have physical contact with this person or to be discussing certain subjects with this person verbally, then you should not be doing it, period.

Jeremy Walker: 35:12 The last part here, the family has responsibility not to think of any of its members that are there above sexual immorality, and then you take steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. Now, I’ve gone through a lot of things here, mostly discussing the single people and all the rest. But what about dad? What about mom? Now, there are many stories out there. Some stories about how people will bring in other people to live in their home, who are not their immediate family.

Jeremy Walker: 35:45 Good example of that is maybe a family has a young man who might also be a fellow Christian, maybe they’re a church member or whatever, and they decided to have this young man move into the house with them. Maybe they have children, maybe they have daughters, or maybe it’s just a husband and a wife and another young man move into the house. Wrong. This right here is recipe for disaster. You’re not taking steps to keep your family members away from temptations and problems.

Jeremy Walker: 36:16 Same as if you moved a young woman into the home, that somehow the husband’s not going to have some kind of problem or your sons aren’t going to have a problem of some sorts or be tempted to have problems. It means not leaving people alone. It means if the husband or wife are going someplace, well, send one of the kids with him. Or a husband wife go together wherever it is you’re going to do. If you’re going to be traveling, travel with your spouse. Those people in particular that do lots of traveling without their families is just a recipe for disaster.

Jeremy Walker: 36:51 Whenever people … I’ve heard of stories, good godly Christian people, men in particular who have young women who are going to accompany them when they travel and go on places and things like that, even if it’s with groups and things like that, recipe for disaster. Sure enough, people are shocked when things happen. Or not doing what we can to see that everyone is a sinner, or a potential sinner. King David, above all else is the one I appointed to for this example. This man not only was he a top of the line, cream of the crop Christian, he also was already married. He didn’t have one wife, he had many wives. His problem wasn’t his faith. He had faith. His was problem wasn’t intellectual. He knew God’s law. He loved God’s law. If you don’t believe it, read the entire book of Psalms, and you’ll find out just how much this man understood and really did love God’s law and commandments. It wasn’t a fact that he wasn’t unfulfilled physically.

Jeremy Walker: 38:01 At the time, he had multiple wives. He literally at the time could pretty much have, lack of a better term, putting it bluntly, he could literally have relations with a different woman that was legitimately at the time his wife each day of the week if he wanted to. His problem wasn’t physical. His problem was human kind, and our proclivity to sin. Anybody who says, “I trust my husband, I trust my wife, I trust my kids,” you do not understand any doctrine at all. You haven’t read the Bible, and you’re basically biblically illiterate. I don’t say that to be mean, but that’s what it comes down to. Sometimes we just need people to point it out.

Jeremy Walker: 38:57 The entire Bible echoes sexual sins, sexual sins, sexual sins. Why? Because it’s our proclivity. We need to guard ourselves, and our husbands and our wives and our children, put ourselves on guard for this. Because marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge. If we are going to hold ourselves responsible, we need to educate our kids. We need to side with God in all of our actions, we need to show that we side with God. We need to guard ourselves and our children and our spouses from these types of dangers. We need to not only believe that we’re capable, but we need to teach that we are capable, always on guard. If we are not always on guard, then we are going to fail.

Jeremy Walker: 39:59 The story of King David is my favorite for that, because he did fail. His entire story is as an example so we will guard ourselves and not be fooled into thinking we are above this type of concept.

Jeremy Walker: 40:18 Anyways, thank you for joining me for another episode of Reconstructing The Family. It’s a very important subject to me as a father, as a husband, 11 children of mine. Well, we’re going to be discussing a whole lot more about reconstructing the family, what that means. For now, we’ve covered Hebrews 13:4. I do want to thank you for joining me again for this episode of Reconstruction The Family. As I’ve told you before, but as a reminder, this episode and more can be found on our website, at cr101radio.com. Of course, our brand new radio program. If you’re unaware of that, you can find also on our website at cr101radio.com. It’s 24/7. That’s all the time there’s lectures, podcasts, sermons, all kinds of things, even audio books on our brand new 24/7 Christian radio station.

Jeremy Walker: 41:12 Thank you for joining me and God bless.