Rev. Jeremy Walker (00:13):
Welcome back to another episode of the Preschool Pioneers podcast. I am your host, Reverend Jeremy Walker and we’re glad to have you back. We’re going to be discussing today, subject of Understanding the Source of Health and Disease Prevention. We’re going to go ahead and get started today. Been a lot of talk about health lately, inside and outside of schools, Coronavirus is everywhere. This being March, 2020, Coronavirus scare has gripped the nation, and people are very concerned about health and contagion and viruses and everything in between. They don’t seem to have a grasp on what to believe and not believe, what they think, what they don’t think.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (01:08):
So, this entire podcast episode is going to be devoted to that concept, understanding the true source of health, how that relates to education, to schools, and of course, we are going to be talking about some practicality about disease prevention, things like that. Well if you didn’t know it, and this might be shocking, but some people have the idea that Christians hate science. For some reason we have faith and they have facts and science is on the side of facts and we have angels, we have prayer. But, somehow we’re a bunch of bumbling morons who don’t know how to properly live in the world and we hate science. Well, that’s all stupid, just ridiculous.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (01:54):
I’m going to start sharing with you some of the stuff that I see via social media and things, because people basically just like to talk and they like to just make commentary. For some reason as Christianity’s influence has waned throughout the world, so has common courtesy, so has people’s ability to be polite to each other. Now, snide, snippy comments are the order of the day, especially on social media. So, I got one for you and I think I’ll start sharing these just to see a little bit of what happens whenever Christianity loses its influence and starts to wane in a society and you lose these things and they don’t know why. Well, it’s simple. Without a God, without a law, without morality, do what you want. Nobody could tell you otherwise.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (02:52):
Well, let’s start with this comment that I got from somebody. They shared a little meme, an image of a child sitting in a table praying, hands folded, head bowed, and the comment says, “Children should spend less time praying, and more time on science and mathematics. Take faith and religion out of schools and give our children a proper education.” This ties in to the whole Coronavirus and health and safety and disease prevention, because for some reason they think if you’re a Christian, you hate science, you don’t like mathematics. You’re not going to give a proper education to people because you have faith and you have religion and you have a sense of morality. It’s just so stupid. It’s just moronic, these ideas that somehow, for some reason, Christians hate science.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (03:52):
Well, moving into our topic, I want to start with a biblical passage. I have a lot to talk about, but let’s go ahead and start with Deuteronomy 7 and it goes through 11 through 15. There are two different perspectives in the world, at least especially currently. One is that there is no God, there is no such thing as creation and therefore everything is evolved, evolutionary blind and chaotic and there is no purpose. Therefore, there can be no confidence, no security, and there can be no one who has any solace that everything’s going to be okay. Christianity says otherwise and besides just saying otherwise, that there is a God, there is a purpose, all things are moving towards a predetermined end, these people don’t have that and therefore the Coronavirus and all such things are a very big scared of them.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (04:55):
Let’s start Deuteronomy 7:11 through 15, “Thou shalt therefore keep the Commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments which I command thee this day, to do them. Wherefore it shall come to pass, if you hearken to these judgments, and keep, and do them that the Lord thy God shall keep unto thee the covenant and the mercy which he swear into thy fathers. And he will love thee, and bless thee, and multiply thee. He will also bless the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of the thy land, thy corn, and thy wine, and thy oil, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep, in the land which he swear into thy fathers to give thee. Thou shalt be blessed above all people. There should not be a male or female barren among you, or among your cattle. And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt (which thou knowest) upon thee, but will lay them upon all those that hate thee.” Deuteronomy 7:11 through 15.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (06:04):
Now, the Bible paints a different picture than the chaotic evolutionists does. Now this obviously, just to put it very clearly, stipulates God’s blessing. It’s not just something that God gives. It’s something that is dependent. It’s something that is covenantal. Something that you have to do something in order to gain certain protections. You go outside of those certain protections, problems happen. Which, of course, later on in Deuteronomy, God does give the opposite version of this which says, “He will not bless them, not give them children, will not multiply them, will place the diseases upon them, so forth and so on. But, that’s not our focus at the moment.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (06:50):
What we’re discussing here, the concept of understanding the source of health, there are two different outlooks. One is very pessimistic, one is optimistic. I just gave you the Christians’ outlook on things, that the Bible declares a God who is all powerful and all knowing and can do what he wants when he wants, anytime that he wants. That includes, of course, sickness and disease, all under control, all used for a predetermined purpose. It can be used for a blessing. It can be used for a curse, but all for a purpose. None of it without purpose, none of it chaotic, none of it out of control.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (07:44):
Now, we don’t always understand that. Look at the Book of Job, for instance. Some people like to paint the picture of Christianity that everything is hunky-dory do. Everything’s blessings and cupcakes and rainbows and let’s clap together. Jesus loves everybody. Well, that’s not how things work. You don’t understand your Bible very well. These are what I love how R. J. Rushdoony has a great way of turning a phrase, but he called these types of people, spiritual idiots, the people that have the Bible but don’t really read it, don’t really understand it. So, let’s not be spiritual or theological idiots, we don’t actually read our Bible. But, we do have what God says and it’s very clear. Diseases and these types of things are not out of control.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (08:38):
Well, let’s go and read the opposite version. I like and have pulled Richard Dawkins. Richard Dawkins has a lot of great quotes, because he’s a very famous atheist or person who does not believe in a God of any sorts or at least he claims he doesn’t, of course. But, one of his quotes is this, “In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces, and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won’t find any rhyme or reason to it nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties that we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference,” Richard Dawkins.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (09:42):
See, the two things are in complete antithesis to each other. On the one side, you have Richard Dawkins, who is purposely saying that at bottom there’s no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference. See, for people like this, they look around the world and they do see suffering. There’s no debate about it. There is suffering. There is cataclysms. There are storms that ravage the planet on a daily basis. There are viruses and sicknesses that stricken people specifically, individually, and also on larger scales and even nations. Just go through and destroy and wipe out peoples.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (10:35):
Now for Dawkins, he believes and wants to believe that at bottom, that there is no design and no purpose because for him, for God to do these things, to allow such things, for God to allow suffering, death, cataclysms, destruction, wars, famines, for him, he would say, “How dare you. How dare you.” If you have all the power and could speak things into existence, then according to people such as Dawkins and others, he would have the responsibility, if he was a good God, that he was going to give everything to mankind. No suffering, no death, no diseases. To do anything other than that, for people like Dawkins and otherwise, or for them to find fault with him, to put God to the test, to say, “If you strike people with sickness and disease, if you allow cataclysms to happen when with a simple word, you could stop it. How dare you.”

Rev. Jeremy Walker (11:57):
See, they like to point out and find fault with God, rather than view their own problems and see where their fault lies or mankind’s faults lie. Now, Job is a famous character in the Bible. He was the richest man in his area at the time, and then all of a sudden in one day he lost 10 children due to a whirlwind. We could call it a tornado. He lost all of his wealth due to people who were dominating the area, warfare of sorts. They came in and stole everything. And then, he also lost his health where he had boils, head to toe, scratching, porous, puss-filled boils on his head to the bottom of his foot. Every single person turned from him and his wife was so distraught and upset, said, “Just curse God and die.”

Rev. Jeremy Walker (12:56):
The entire Book of Job, go read it for yourself, covers this question about, why does God allow bad things to happen? If you’ve never read the Book of Job, that’s the one you need to read. It solves these questions that Dawkins and others raise, because they say that there is no purpose in design, because if there was a purpose in design and somebody did these things on purpose, how dare you, you evil wretch, you horrible person. See, there’s no discussion to be had about what man is responsible for. Their only question is this, what is God responsible for? So, he’s much happier, Dawkins and more, to say the universe has pitiless indifference.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (13:49):
So, when such things as health scares and Coronaviruses come around, they want to say that every single person is at risk and every single person should be scared and it’s pitiless indifference. There is no purpose behind these things. There’s no stopping them. There’s no controlling them. These things are just going to run amok and it could potentially wipe out the planet because after all, there is no purpose. There is no design, no good, no evil, just pitiless indifference.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (14:23):
See, the reason why this is important, because these same types of people are in control of vast majority of the education that happens, specifically here in the United States. The evolution is taught to our schools daily. It is the primary religion in the United States, humanism and the theory of evolution. They believe in blind physical forces, where there is people who get lucky, people who get hurt, no rhyme or reason, no justice, just pitiless indifference. That’s it. So, whenever you come across things like this in schools, this is what you’ve been teaching your kids. I mean, you’re driving these children to panic. Now they would say, “Well, we’re just teaching them the way the world is.”

Rev. Jeremy Walker (15:16):
Well, that’s not the way the world is. That’s your view of the way the world is. When they look around, they say there’s no design to the world. How can you claim to be a scientist? We’ve talked about this earlier, how this person said, “We just need science and mathematics in school.” Do you know what science is? Do you know what math is? Math is something that is absolutely consistent across the board at all points in times. Don’t tell me there’s no design. Mathematics itself is a design structure. Two plus two equals four. We are teaching something concrete. Don’t tell them there’s not a purpose. By using mathematics, we can do all kinds of things like build skyscrapers because we use mathematics to do it. You’re telling me that there’s no design, or no purpose behind these things. Just pitiless indifference to mathematics.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (16:10):
What about science? How in the world do you think we do science, except the fact that it’s not blind physical forces? We can correctly measure. We can correctly predict how the world is going to react in certain ways. That’s why we even have chemistry. It’s How we know that there are designs to things, because we can look at things and see what they do. Things have a purpose. Everything has a purpose and a design for what it is. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about in the animals, if you’re talking about the world of nature, insects, if you’re talking about the stars up in the sky where we created calendars from them, we can navigate using them all because, why? Because, there is a purpose. Everything has a design to it. There’s no pitiless indifference to these things.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (17:06):
These people are spinning their own religion and saying that it is education. It’s not, it’s not remotely education. It is absolute, deliberate religion, and their religion is pitiless. Their religion is indifferent. It has no purpose. But, Christianity does. [inaudible 00:17:31] a God who is in complete control. As we said before, going back to Job, Job had the opportunity. He lost 10 children, all of his wealth, and his health. Had a wife, of course, who just told him to curse God and die. He had three friends who sat down trying to convince him that he was an evil man, therefore, you must have brought this on yourself. In other words, these guys believed in cause and effect.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (17:55):
We’re saying nothing happens without a purpose, without a design. These guys, Job’s friends said, “Well, you must be a sinner. You must’ve gotten sick because you’re a sinner. You must have lost your children because you’re a sinner. You must have lost your money because you’re a sinner.” All of these things, obviously we don’t believe in, no purpose and pitiless indifference. We know that God’s in control. Therefore, we know you did something to cause all this, to bring it upon yourself. We have promises from God that he won’t allow bad things to happen to you, right? The entire Book of Job is about this. The entire Book of Job is him sitting there going with his friends and saying, “That’s not the case. I haven’t done terrible, evil things.” Job sits there in his entire time explaining to his friends how they have it all wrong.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (18:51):
Guess what happens by the end? People think that, for some reason, Dawkins and others would love to sit down and accuse God. This was a guy who just lost 10 kids, all his money, and his health. He just had to sit through a very long and trying argumentation with three different friends where they’re constantly trying to tell them to repent and how evil he is. If anybody had a chance to complain, this is the dude that could complain. But, you need to read the Book of Job, because when his opportunity comes, Joe puts his hand on his mouth and says, “I was speaking about things too high and wonderful for me to understand.” God actually sits him down in Job, in the final chapters and said, “Where were you when I founded the earth? Where were you when I did this? Where were you when I did that? Who are you to give me instruction about how to run the world, you simpleton?”

Rev. Jeremy Walker (19:48):
God wasn’t being mean to him, but there were things way too high for us to understand. For us to understand why God allows things to happen and how in the world can everything be for our good? Those people that love God and are called according to his purpose, we can’t possibly understand that. We don’t have the capacity to understand how tragedies can be good for us. But here’s the thing, he gets to make the decision about what happens, what doesn’t happen. It’s a concept of sovereignty and about knowledge. We don’t have the sovereignty and we certainly don’t have the knowledge. That’s why there’s a thing called faith.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (20:35):
Now, people like Dawkins and others, they would find fault with God because they believe that they have the right to do so. God’s not sovereign, they are. God has to explain himself and if it doesn’t sound reasonable to them, then God’s at fault. They believe they have the capacity to understand the vast workings of the world and what is best and how it should operate. See, these are the two things that we’re teaching here. Christians are teaching their children and their students that God is the one who understands and has all knowledge and therefore can make correct decisions about things, good and bad, and everything in between. It doesn’t mean that people are horrible when bad things happen to them. But, we don’t understand all the reasons behind why everything happened the way that it did or why.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (21:31):
God, frankly speaking, according to Job, isn’t going to sit down and explain it to us. That’s got to be something we have to be okay with and that’s what Christianity is versus the others who think that they’re going to put God to the test. Now these two types of things, like I said before, Christians are not against science or mathematics. Education is not in conflict with religion and faith. See, everybody has religion, faith, including the evolutionist who’ve been going through what is their faith, what they believe is true. They have an idea about morality, because they create it themselves.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (22:12):
The concept of the Coronavirus and otherwise isn’t something that we have to go out and panic about, but it is something that we are reasonably responsible for taking care of, precautions to prevent certain things. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you’re stupid. It doesn’t mean you don’t understand that you have to take precautions. Just because God is the man in charge and does what he wants in heaven and on earth, doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any culpability with what you do. I mean, there are lots of laws in the Bible. One of those had to do with when you’re going out to war, how were the men going to go to the bathroom? Sanitization, basic sanitization and they’re supposed to dig a hole in the ground, use the bathroom, cover it up, keep it clean. There are lots and lots and lots of other laws throughout the Bible where God explains without the concept of sanitization.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (23:07):
In other words, just because you have religion, you have Christianity doesn’t mean that you don’t understand the basis of how the world works. This is God’s world, so yes, contagion is a real thing. But we’re saying however is, though you have responsibilities, it is not out of control. These things are not pitiless and indifferent. What we are saying however, is that God says, “I will take the diseases away from you from certain places.” People that don’t obey God’s Commandments.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (23:37):
Now we’re getting to the root where religion and science meet, right, religion and science meet. God tells you, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” No fornication. You can’t go around and sleep around with whoever you want. You find one person, you stay with that one person, and this is God’s way. Now, let’s take the other ways. Person who says, “There is no God. My sexuality is whatever I want it to be. I will do what I want, be promiscuous if I want to. I’ll even have relations with animals or people of the same sex or anything in between. Why? Because there is pitiless indifference and there’s no rhyme or reason behind sexuality. Therefore, I’ll just do whatever I think feels good.”

Rev. Jeremy Walker (24:24):
Well, we already understand from a “scientific” background what happens when you’re promiscuous. There are consequences. Diseases are rampant and follow you. Now the scientific community will say, “Well that’s just science, run amok.” I’m saying people will go, “Well, the judgments of God are Old Testament type stuff and they don’t really happen to us now.” Well, what do you think these are? Do you think that when God says he won’t put the diseases of other people upon you is some kind of mystical, magical thing where God comes down from the heavens and strikes you personally all the time with stuff. Like what happened where God’s handwriting on the wall for Belshazzar and all the rest in the Book of Daniel, these kinds of things. This is God’s world. In his law, he’s told you how it operates. He told you how to prosper and how not to prosper.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (25:27):
So, the diseases that you get are personal from God, but also are built into the world. Good example, fire. Fire’s hot, fire will burn you. God created fire and it is hot. It burns things. So, if you don’t follow God’s laws concerning fire and fire safety, then you’re going to get burned. You are burned personally by God, because he made it hot. He created the circumstances that allows fire to burn things. Why it allows him to burn things? It’s not pitiless indifference. It had a purpose. It was created and if you don’t obey those laws, you’re going to get hurt. God did it on purpose. If you break his laws, if you break his Commandments, these things are going to happen to you.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (26:21):
Now, that brings us back to what we’re talking about here. See, the sexual laws are not just laws that you can just break without consequence. They’re not happenstance and accident and yes, if you do not violate those laws, you don’t have to worry about a sexually transmitted disease at all. Not remotely. If you are a Christian who finds a spouse and has relations with that person, you’re not going to have the diseases that are rampant with all the other people who refuse to follow God’s Commandments, and God’s laws. Diseases, in general, don’t happen by accident.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (27:00):
But then, you have the special circumstances that are outside of things that you’ve done. Maybe you have been healthy, maybe you’ve washed your hands. Maybe you’ve been careful what you’re doing. All the things we are saying are following what we call health regulations, scientific rules in health and all the rest. No one is saying you shouldn’t do that. We’re just saying it’s not pitiless indifference. God has created these things. Viruses do multiply. They do change, but they’re not accidental. They do things on purpose. God has designed these things, which is actually what frightens people, that a God would create these things and there’s no getting away from someone like that.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (27:45):
So, we have the choice whenever we are facing such issues. We can teach our children, our students that these types of things, health and safety are pitiless indifference, and when something comes around basically they have to be scared out of their mind because chaos is coming. You can’t get away from it. There is some people who are going to get hurt. There is some people who going to get lucky, but these are blind physical forces who you can’t expect it to be anything besides no design, no purpose, just indifferent. So, some die, some don’t, oh well.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (28:26):
That’s not how the Christians view things. Christians view things that all things are under control. These things are not going to come on you and if they do, they’re not by accident. There is a purpose behind all of it. The good, and the bad. We don’t always have to understand it, but it is the truth and what we’re teaching. But, the vast majority of kids today are being taught this pitiless indifference which causes them absolutely to fret that their world is spinning out of control. They listen when people tell them that there is no right or wrong, no good, no evil. Therefore, they decide to break the moral laws that God has because after all they don’t exist and then they’re shocked whenever there are consequences to their actions, specifically sexual actions in particular. Whereas, as Christians, we say God said, “Don’t do it.”

Rev. Jeremy Walker (29:25):
Let’s move on a little bit, because the Coronavirus and all other viruses are not outside of control. We should certainly listen to medical and health professionals, as long as they’re making sense. Here in the Coronavirus, here in March, 2020, I’m that this virus will kind of join the category of all the rest that have gone by the wayside. A scare that we have here in America and then a month later you never hear about them again. But, how you teach about them reflects on what your, from the basis, what your foundation of beliefs are. They can be pitiless indifference, or they can be purposeful design and plan, even though you don’t understand it.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (30:14):
I’ll leave that for now. But, that right there hopefully gets you an idea behind these people who ridiculous, saying that, “Children shouldn’t be praying. They should just have science and mathematics.” Christianity is not opposed to either. The only thing that is opposed to religion is another religion and evolution and this type of theory is what it is. A alternate hostile faith, and people like Dawkins and more, are its greatest proponents.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (30:48):
Moving on, let’s jump into the next section of Preschool Pioneers, and that’s our field guide. Now that is the practical stuff that we’re doing for Preschool Pioneers where we’re jumping from the theological side, which is kind of what I was just going over just now, to the practical side of things. So, now that we are discussing things like the Coronavirus and things like that, what are we doing about it? Well, first of all, there is no panic about the Coronavirus, at least not where the healthcare professionals are at. They’re actually quite sane. It’s the media and otherwise who are insane and causing, for no reason, panic in America and around the world. The flu virus kills over 38,000 people per year and nobody’s panicking about that.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (31:37):
But, we did recently get some flyers from the CDC and from the health department, of course, telling us about what we should do to combat this concept of the Coronavirus here in America or if it comes to Florida, which it has a little bit. Basically, it came down to, wait for it, real simple, wash your hands, if you’re sick, don’t touch your face, stay home, try not to touch surfaces, and avoid people who are sick. So, basically same things they say for general health, clean stuff. For a school, protocols are real simple. We have protocols here at Grace Community School, which we’ve been in operation for 30 plus years and have an operations manual which is outlined utilizing the health department and you could say also CDC guidelines.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (32:33):
In other words, Christianity is not opposed to science. It never has been. It’s only opposed to another faith and religion which is used as a bulwarks or as a foundation to interpret science, i.e. evolution. But no, we don’t disagree with health department guidelines. Prayer is not a subject for the concept of washing your hands and disease prevention. That’s just ridiculous. One guy I heard about the Coronavirus, Mike Pence, the Vice President of United States, held a prayer conference of some sorts in his offices, and some people were laughing at him about how, this is how he’s going to combat the Corona virus. No, it’s not. It’s just we are acknowledging that we are not the ultimate proponents, the ultimate people in control of these types of things.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (33:26):
That’s what prayer is. It’s understanding that man is not sovereign and in control, but God is. It’s acknowledging that fact, in fact, is the height of sanity. Obviously, you’re not going to combat viruses with prayer, but we’re also not going to give up prayer in favor of health department guidelines. So what does the health department say as far as we think is good for our schools to do, and if you’re a school manager or operator, what should you do? Well, very simple. You should have guidelines which stipulate, if a child has symptoms, they cannot come to the school. Very simple. They have to have a doctor’s note if they’re able to. What we will consider to be symptoms, you’d have to have clearance from a medical doctor or medical professional in order to have them attend your facility.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (34:13):
Now, if a child shows sickness of any sorts while at your facility, and once again, these are general guidelines, not something that you’re doing just for the Coronavirus. If they show symptoms, you should be contacting parents right away. You should have a seclusion area which can be like they’re in the office, or some people have a nurses office and you should have a one hour pickup. So, parents can come pick the child up. Request a doctor’s notes, so they have to go to the doctors before they can return to the facility as well. These are your typical precautions. You should also be doing training for your teachers so that they are aware of what to look for, what things are problematic and when to bring that to your attention. You should also educate your parents about what your protocols are as well.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (34:58):
Very important type stuff because you’re not ever going to, and this is something that health departments are always clear on, you cannot stop all sickness. You cannot stop all diseases. In fact, many diseases are symptomatic or communicable before you see symptoms. In other words, you can pass certain things on to people before anyone realizes that you have something. That’s just a medical fact of reality. Also, after symptoms subside, many people can still be carriers. On top of that, you can be a carrier for certain diseases because you might have an immunity and someone else does not.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (35:36):
So, these are just facts that we know are true and people should follow these communicable things to be well aware of how to not pass them on to other people. Of course, as Christians, we believe in the Commandment, thou shalt not kill. So, we are very health conscious. We do not want to spread disease. Therefore, in the Bible all throughout, there are many stipulations about the carefulness, so we do not spread disease to other people. It’s actually built into the Sixth Commandment as well.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (36:06):
So, Christians actually are the most health conscious people that there could be because we’re not pitiless and indifferent. If we’re going to communicate it with somebody else, we don’t have like a we don’t care attitude. In Dawkins world, you wouldn’t care if somebody else got sick, because the world is pitiless and indifferent, then why should you? Because, it’s not bad to pass a communicable disease to somebody. Who cares if I compromise your immune system, who cares if I kill you because I gave you a disease that hurts you.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (36:38):
See, Christians are different. We have a purpose. We’re not pitiless and indifferent. See, that’s the difference. Guess what, the religion makes all the difference in how these things are handled. In a pitiless, indifferent world, who cares if you get somebody sick? Who cares if people die? There’s no reason to fight it. After all, natural courses, let the strong survive. But, we don’t teach that. Only crazy people who want to teach it that there is no God, who want to believe in a pitiless, and indifferent world would come up with such ideas, such hateful ideas. Christians do not have such ideas, and God does not allow us to have such ideas.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (37:19):
So, these are some of the ideas of what you should do as a school to prevent such things. When in doubt, always request doctor’s notes, always point people to medical professionals, whose job it is to help with these types of things. This is the advice that we give for, not just the Coronavirus, but sicknesses in general and your school should have policies. If you don’t know what policies you should have, you should contact us. You can find our information on our website. We have two different websites we’re on. One is and that’s where you can find this podcast episode and more.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (38:00):
Our school also has what’s called a Preschool in a Box and part of that is our operations manual. In the operations manual, we go over all this stuff. We go over about the policies you should have and what works best, what doesn’t work best and how to run a school. But, health and safety are huge concerns. As Christians, of course, health and safety are massive concerns for the same reasons that we’ve already gone over. But, if you’d like more information on our Preschool in a Box or if you’d like more information about our schools, you can also check out our website, where you can actually purchase the operations manual individually, or of course, the Preschool in the Box.

Rev. Jeremy Walker (38:37):
Of course, we are looking for people who understand the need for Christian education. We’re looking for people to train them. We have our apprenticeship program here in Florida. We want to train people that see that the difference between Christian education and secular or humanistic education, and the difference of outcome. We’re looking for people to train those people and we’re looking for you, if that’s you. So, we do want to thank everybody for joining us, all of our listeners on this episode of Preschool Pioneers. It’s been, of course, hopefully enlightening to you. We’re going to have another episode very soon. Until then, stay healthy and above all, keep the Commandments. This is Jeremy Walker signing off the Preschool Pioneers.