Exodus 20:28

Thou shalt not revile the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people.

Personal Application:
On a personal level, this commandment is applicable to us because God requires that we are to seek to respect all authorities, we are to be in subjection to them, and we are to seek to support their positions. Any disagreements that we should have with any authority over us is to be taken to them in private as not to undermine their position. And God also forbids us from ridiculing, mocking, or slandering those in authority over us in private.

Family Application:
This commandment applies to the family in that parents are to teach respect for proper authority to their children by teaching the God-ordained authority structure of the family: God, Fathers, Mothers, Children. Parents are further to support all valid authorities in positions over their children, and they are to require that their children respect, obey, and give honor to them.

Business Application:
This commandment applies to businesses by requiring that a clearly defined authority structure is to be established within each business. Those in authority are to deal with those under them with respect to handling disciplinary actions in private. Those in authority are to require that any under their authority that has a disagreement or has taken offense to come in private so they can be heard fully and any issues can be worked out. Mutual respect between all authorities and co-workers is to be established and all disrespect, slander, and backbiting be it from authorities or those under authority is to be forbidden.

Society Application:
This commandment applies to society by requiring that civil authorities protect the honor and positions of those in rightful positions of authority from false accusation, slander, libel, rumor, insult, and the like. Anyone found to be guilty of such are to be subject to civil punishment. Civil authorities are to protect lawful speech, but unlawful speech is to be restrained and punished. Civil authorities are to promote the peaceful hearing of grievances and disagreements to protect against abuse from authorities, but public airing of even truthful grievances is to be prohibited when the peaceful hearing of grievances is ignored.

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