Exodus 23:7

Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked.

Personal Application:
This commandment applies to us as individuals requiring that each of us is to keep ourselves from situations and circumstances that we know are purposefully false.  This means that we are not able to purposefully steal, lie, cheat, mislead, falsely accuse, swindle, con, or do any harm be it physical or financial to others that we know to be clearly in violation of God’s commandments.

This commandment requires that we purposefully and deliberately seek to understand all of our actions in relation to others to ensure that we do not by accident become guilty of such things due to neglect or the persuasion of others.

This commandment also includes a threat by God that if we are in violation of this commandment and warning that God will both see and punish us in time and eternity.

Family Application:
This commandment applies to the family in that parents are to teach this commandment to their children and make them understand the serious nature of God’s warnings. Parents are to reward their children when their actions towards others are in line with how God wishes them to treat others and protect them and their property, and they are to ensure that their children undergo discipline when they break this commandment in relation to family and others.

This commandment is a warning to parents that should they not train their children properly in relation to this will suffer a loss of reward and must also watch God’s judgments come upon their children as they break God’s commandments and know that they share in the guilt of their children’s sins.

Business Application:
This commandment applies to businesses by requiring that all business contracts and agreements are made in good faith and that these contracts and agreements are fulfilled. This includes but is not limited to employment contracts, customer contracts, and bills and expenses. All business dealings are to be mutually beneficial to all parties and all parties involved are to enter into all agreements willingly, with full disclosure, and without coercion.

This commandment is a warning to businesses that God will both see their evils and will, in turn, punish them and instead of blessing their efforts will cause their efforts to fail and will cause them to fall into poverty rather than prosperity.

Society Application:
This commandment applies to society by requiring that civil authorities protect all individuals from unjust harm and loss from individuals, businesses, or organizations. Civil authorities are to have the power and responsibility to protect innocents and punish verified offenders by requiring restitution equal with abuses, or punishments equal with the offense of the guilty.

This commandment is also a warning to all civil authorities that refuse to do their duty to protect the innocent and the righteous, all such civil authorities will not be at peace with God, but will instead have God as an enemy who will not protect them from their enemies, nor give them peace at home and abroad.

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