Luke 6:39

And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?

 It may sound like a silly question, but “Who would hire a blind bus driver?”

Children every week step onto iconic yellow school buses and are whisked away to educational facilities to be taught and educated. Could you imagine the disaster that would befall the children on these school buses if their bus driver was blind? Could you imagine further how ridiculous it would be if it were a job requirement to be blind in order to be hired to drive a school bus? Crazy, right?

Well, it is the official position of the vast majority of educational institutions in the world that all of the teachers, staff, and administrators must be religiously, factually, and ethically blind in order to work with children or in any position within the school. 

No one needs to tell you the catastrophe that would befall the children that were driven daily to school by blind bus drivers. Sadly, no one sees the life-long destruction that awaits children that are systematically taught falsehoods about the world, where mankind came from, what the purpose of the world is, and how they are to live in order to prosper in this world.

It is obvious to those in the educational field that the vast majority of schools, government schools in particular, are producing children that have not been properly educated in reading, writing, or mathematics, have no understanding of finances, and have no practical skills that will help them in the real world. The greatest sign that this is true is that so many children leave highschool only to enter into colleges that require them to take government loans that will leave them in debt for decades to come only to acquire nothing in return other than socially acceptable way to delay adulthood and to live for a few years in degenerate sexual and moral frivolity. They leave poorer, sullied, in debt, and guilt-ridden. 

What they are producing are children that have been diligently and methodically instructed in religious humanistic ideologies concerning the world, humanity, and ethics that deny every doctrine taught in the Word of God. More than just being schooled in opposition to Biblical truths and ethics, these schools actively teach that Biblical doctrines are dangerous and harmful to individuals and society as a whole, and for many should be labeled as hate speech.

What is the result of generations of such blind religious humanistic education? 

In a word, destruction. 

Our communities begin to crumble, our neighbors are not for us to trust or to help in time of need, but rather they are to be treated as perpetual strangers that are ours to use and or abuse as we see fit.

Our families are fractured, it is commonplace to hear that a married couple has divorced, the odds that a marriage will last until “death do them part” are so low that couples have a better chance of being struck by lightning indoors while hiding in the basement. The odds that children will grow to adulthood with both parents remaining faithful to each other and diligently caring for them and during their adolescence and being a guide and safety to them throughout adulthood is even lower.

Christians should become teachers so that children will not be left to blind guides that will only lead them into the failure riddled ditch of life, and eventually eternity.


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Rev. Jeremy Walker

Rev. Jeremy Walker is a Christian minister and educator who has been working with his wife of 20 years to operate a successful Christian preschool that has ministered to thousands of children and families. Rev. Walker and his wife Abigail have 11 children ages 3 to 18 and have worked together to raise, educate, and apprentice their children while ministering to the children of the community.

Rev. Walker is a Christian education and entrepreneur advocate who seeks to inspire, equip, and train young men and women to become the next generation of Christian teachers, to own and operate Christian schools, and to become financially independent and to live without debt.

Rev. Walker has created a Christian internet radio station CR101 Radio, a Christian podcast network, and is the host of a number of podcasts that cover various topics related to Christian doctrine, the family, and society. His hope is that other Christians will get inspired, get equipped, and get involved in the work of the great commission.

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