Luke 6:40
The disciple is not above his master: but every one that is perfect (fully trained) shall be as his master.

Parents and teachers play an incredibly important role in shaping the hearts and minds of children. God declares in His Word that the disciple when he has been fully trained will be a mirror image of his master or teacher.

This fact about child rearing and education is both very comforting and also very disturbing.

This is comforting because as parents and teachers we have an affirmation from God that we are not wasting our time when we teach, educate, disciple, and lead our children and students daily. Our efforts will take root in the heart and mind of our children and students and it will impact and shape their future.

This is also very disturbing to know because almost all professing Christians have been willingly giving their children daily to educational institutions to be educated against God and against His Word convinced that their children would not be adversely affected by such such education.

Well, God has not been silent, such education is dangerous and destructive to children. Children that are taught against God by teachers and educational institutions will cause evil falsehoods to take root in their hearts and minds.

Such children will grow to maturity and will become like those that tirelessly taught them against God, against His Word, and against His moral law. For proof of this look no further than the Christian church in America today.

The question has been asked, why are so many children leaving the church?

The answer is simple, they are doing exactly what they have been trained to do by their teachers and their schools. Monkey see, monkey do. And who is to blame for this mass exodus from the churches of America? The parents, and the families.

Christians should become teachers because children need to be taught the truth, they need to have something and someone to imitate that will cause them to grow in truth, in wisdom, and in maturity under God. Only Christians can show children, as parents and as teachers, how to truly live a life of fulfillment and prosperity.

Over 90% of the children ages 0-5 years of age are being cared for and taught my non-Christians, and are being systematically taught anti-God doctrines as soon as they are able to understand. Christians sit in wonderment why they have little to no influence in the world and society. The main cause is that they are absent. Children will grow and imitate those that taught them and lived before them, and for the vast majority of young children in America that is not Christians.

Christians are guilty of spiritual abandonment, and God is not pleased.

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Rev. Jeremy Walker

Rev. Jeremy Walker is a Christian minister and educator who has been working with his wife of 20 years to operate a successful Christian preschool that has ministered to thousands of children and families. Rev. Walker and his wife Abigail have 11 children ages 3 to 18 and have worked together to raise, educate, and apprentice their children while ministering to the children of the community.

Rev. Walker is a Christian education and entrepreneur advocate who seeks to inspire, equip, and train young men and women to become the next generation of Christian teachers, to own and operate Christian schools, and to become financially independent and to live without debt.

Rev. Walker has created a Christian internet radio station CR101 Radio, a Christian podcast network, and is the host of a number of podcasts that cover various topics related to Christian doctrine, the family, and society. His hope is that other Christians will get inspired, get equipped, and get involved in the work of the great commission.

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