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Welcome to Christian Reconstruction 101. CR101 is a website and podcast devoted to rebuilding the foundations of orthodox Christianity and establishing the Kingdom of God through the discipling of the nations.
Here you will find answers to pressing questions from a Biblical perspective, and you will be introduced to important books related to Christian Reconstruction and Christian Reformation of our world today.

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  • “I want my children to be in debt, be covered in tattoos, and be sexually active…”
  • “The Future is Here” the Importance of Early Christian Education (Chalcedon Foundation Presentation)
  • "Now I Am A Christian, Now What?"
  • "Revenge, Grudges, and the Abuse of the Disabled"
  • "Pits, Fires, & Personal Liability"
  • "Making Marriages, Forced Marriage, and Lying About Virginity"
  • "At the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses"