I’m Gregory Haskell. Who I am is of little significance. Who Biblical God is and His-Story is! Biblical Truth and Love, which is vastly different from the Cheap Worldly Kind is a story God demands I tell as He directs until He calls me home. Join me as I tell the greatest story ever told! Its a privilege to have Biblical God as my Superintendent, School Board, and Administration as I take a deep look at History (His-Story) through the lens of a Biblical God Worldview, and the Judeo-Christian Ethic of 6,500, years with its vast impact on the World. I.e. American His-Story, Christian His-Story, World His-Story via Biography and Historiography.

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Greg Haskell is a former California High School History Teacher of 27 yrs and has experience teaching American History, World History, and Government Political Science. He has BA in History and MA in Education Technology Infusion. No longer seeking the ordination of man but rather Biblical God. Recently His-Story Radio has been launched at his-storyradio.com is one of several venues for stating the case for righteous Historical Biblical God.

In recent years God has impressed upon me how important Biblical God and The Judeo-Christian Ethic have been in Civilized Society as it pertains to Socioeconomic Mobility, Free Enterprise, Freedom of the Common Man, Civil Liberties, Defined Absolute Truth and Morality, Protection of the Weakest Amongst us, creativity and development in the face of Totalitarian Collectivist, Marxist, Fascist, Nihilist, Amoral, Selective Moral Relative Truth.

Biblical God did not save me to be further complicit but rather shine the light historically, socially, economically, politically, culturally on the darkness in light of His-Story in Biblical Truth and Love.