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M is for Mind Magnets

• May, 19 2024

In this episode of Preschool Pioneers, host Jeremy Walker delves into the controversial topic of "mind magnets," a modern technique using magnetic pulses to alter brain functions in an attempt to address mental health and behavioral issues. Critiquing these methods as dangerous and reminiscent of historical lobotomies, Walker contrasts the humanist approach, which seeks compliance through propaganda, re-education, and chemical alterations, with the Christian perspective that views disobedience to God as the core problem. He advocates for Christian solutions, emphasizing the importance of biblical education, justice, and spiritual rebirth, and encourages Christian parents and teachers to lead in shaping future generations according to God's will.

Hosted by
Rev. Jeremy Walker

Husband, Father, Pastor, Teacher, Podcaster, and Christian Education Advocate

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Jeremy Walker (00:04):

And welcome back to another episode of Preschool Pioneers. I'm your host, Jeremy Walker. You can follow us on our parent network, CR101 Radio, on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Gab and YouTube. You can subscribe to this podcast on your preferred platform so you never miss an episode. Visit cr101radio.com for these links.


Well, well, well. Welcome back everybody to Preschool Pioneers. This episode is entitled, M is for Mind Magnets: Mankind's Dangerous and Destructive Attempts to Change and Control the Minds and Actions of Others and the Simple Solution. I want to thank everybody for coming back to talk about why Christians should become teachers. This podcast is for Christian parents and Christian teachers or perspective teachers, and we are going to discuss today, mind magnets. Now, what in the world is that? Well, I didn't know it was an actual thing until I started prepping for this episode. It came across social media and the internet where physicians now are taking high-powered magnets and magnet pulses, strapping them to a person's head and then zapping their head with pulses of magnet or electromagnetic electricity to basically shock the brain.


The idea behind this is to help people. That's right. The idea is by shocking a person's brain with magnetic waves, you're going to be able to help a person, their behavior, change how they think, get rid of anxiety, get rid of depression, get rid of anger, get rid of all kinds of things like bias or anything else. Well, this is not the first time mankind or the medical field has tried to look at man and change him in some form or fashion. The question that has to be asked, what is the problem with man that people are trying to fix or to repair? Well, because this doesn't just affect adults, it also affects children because children, very young children are being diagnosed all the time with various behavioral problems and they do not consider these to be moral failures. In other words, a person is doing something they should not do, they're doing it on purpose.


Instead, it's more of a disease, it's more of an imbalance and to help somebody, we can't blame that person, we need to help change that person in some way. But before we can try to change a person, we have to understand what we want to change. We have to see what is the problem? Where are the problem areas? Now we're going to get back to mind magnets, but let's go ahead and talk about according to mankind and of humanism itself, what is mankind's problem according to humanism? Well, the answer's pretty simple. They believe that man's problem is a refusal to obey the will and desire of man and or the government of men.


Right now, if you look around at all the news and media, people have a big term they like to use now called misinformation. What is misinformation? Misinformation is anything that disagrees with the current civil administration and its desires, its truth-telling, its declarations of facts that they see it as their side of things. This goes back to the old concept of 1984 where the government can tell you that your chocolate rations were increased from three to two. Even if the economy is tanking, they can say the economy is booming. "We are doing the best we've ever done. This administration is doing the best it's ever done. You are supposed to listen to us, listen to our truth, and above all, obey everything we want you to do. You don't need a constitution, you don't need representation, you need an overlord. You just need to listen and do everything that we say." And that is why you'll see in government today the rights of the United States in particular and people around the world is under attack because they believe the problem of mankind is they just won't listen to them.


That's right. They believe your problem is your lack of obedience to man or man's attempts at government. From a Christian perspective, however, we have a different side of things. What is mankind's problem? Well, mankind's problem according to the Word of God is very simple. A refusal to obey the will and the desire of God and God's government, to be at war with God and how God wants the world to operate. As Christians, this is something that we have to make sure we convey to our personal children that live in our home, that belong to us, and of course anybody, we get the opportunity to teach in the setting of a teacher or a school. And these two subjects are at war with each other. Men believing that they should be able to be autonomous even individually and or collectively, and of course, the war against the idea that we have to be submissive to God and to what God wants rather than what we want.


So let's go ahead and see in this discussion, because we're talking about children, we're talking about schools, we're talking about parents. What kind of solutions can mankind present for how to fix man. See if this is his basic problem, his basic problem is man won't listen to another man. This is the basic problem. This is why man won't listen to man. This is the leading cause of every problem in the world. Man's desire to be his own God and to be in charge of everybody else.


So according to humanism, there are a couple of different ways to fix man and to fix man's rebellion or his lack of obedience to his other fellow man. One of the solutions is the annihilation, the outright annihilation of any man or person or society that does not want to listen to you. Murder, this is their number one way of dealing with mankind who won't listen. "We're just going to pull you all up, shoot you in the head and we're just going to kill everybody." Now, is this something we have seen in history? Absolutely. Absolutely Goes all throughout history, mankind and his bloody, bloody destruction of his fellow man. That's one way they think they can fix people. You're gone.


Number two, a good one is the enslavement of man. "So if you won't listen, we're not going to annihilate you. We can still put you to use, but we're going to force you to listen to us. We're going to force you to do what we want. We're going to force you to work for us. If that doesn't work, we're just going to go back to the good old annihilation of you, but we're going to start by just enslaving you and making you listen to me." Well, that's been seen all throughout history and until recently, it has been one of the predominant ways that mankind deals with other people. It does still happen in the world today, but it's not as spoken about and it's certainly not openly, openly discussed as being appropriate.


Moving on to another one is the persuasion of man. This is the concept of propaganda. This is something that you can see everywhere. If you turn on your news, that is propaganda. They're trying to cure man's rebellion through the propagation of propaganda. "We're just going to lie to you." What does propaganda look like? Turn on the news. Listen to anybody that's from the current administration in the White House. When they do a press conference that is propaganda. Turn on any news station in America today, watch the nightly news. That is propaganda. They're not telling the truth. They're telling you what they want you to believe is true and get you to listen because of all the lies. "Listen to us, we're going to lie to you, but we are telling the truth" and so they're going to change you through propaganda. Give you enough lies, force-feed it to you, you'll start to believe it. An old saying was, "If you tell a lie often enough and long enough, it becomes the truth."


Another way that mankind tries to change man, besides murder, slavery and just outright propaganda is through the re-education of man. This would be government indoctrination. This would be when people go into the school systems, they enlist the classrooms and the teachers there. And it's not ... On a larger scale, propaganda on a larger scale when you're dealing with the news and press conferences, but now we're doing it on a more intimate setting where you are now one-on-one with individuals and teaching them falsehoods, teaching them to think and act the way that you want them to think and act through pressures and other things starting at the youngest of ages. And they do go to the youngest of ages and this is the most basic form of trying to change people is by re-educating them under a different basis of truth and for mankind that basis is humanism. There is no God. There is only man. Man gets to self-govern.


And this new lie, the concept of democracy, and they've used this word in America for a very long time that keeps saying America is a democracy. It never was a democracy. It's always been a constitutional republic. That means that there are people who represent the larger areas in all the various states and all the people that are out there, all the representatives and the civil government have to be restricted by the Constitution and what they can and cannot do to the people that they are supposed to govern. That of course is not what people want you to think. That's why they have to use propaganda. That's why they have to start with government indoctrination, teaching children that for some reason we are a democracy and democracy according to these people is everybody gets to tell us what they want and the people, the will of mankind that is the greatest, the 51%, they get to then tell everybody else what to do. It's also called The Tyranny of the 51%.


This, of course, people love the idea, but I saw a meme the other day which is very apropos and it said, "Democracy is a beautiful thing." And they said, "Well, according to democracy, gang rape is okay because the majority believe that gang rape is okay." So you see the problem is that evil men, evil men, whenever they're in charge, if we have a democracy, then their evil of course is now good because that is the will of the people. During the French Revolution, that was a thing is that the will of the people is virtue, whatever the people want is a virtue.


See in the Bible, God is very clear, and this is why humanism refuses to teach anything about the Bible. It's why they keep it out of the school system. It's why they want to keep it out of everything because in Genesis Chapter Eight, God had just flooded the world and now the people are exiting the ark and what does God have to say about mankind? Are they now going to be better, that God has judged the world, covered them with water and wiped out mankind for His sins? Well, in Genesis Chapter 8, it says this in verse 21." And the Lord smelled a sweet savor and the Lord said in his heart, 'I will not again curse the ground anymore for man's sake, for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth. Neither will I again smite anymore, every living thing as I have done.'" It is very important for us to know that what we are are not good people at our root, we are not good people and this is why we do not follow the will of man. It only leads to death.


Moving on to another aspect of how mankind under humanism thinks that we can fix the problems of mankind is the alteration of man. And that can be a physical alteration of man or a chemical alteration of man. See, the problem isn't sin. The problem is his mind is messed up. They used to have some time ago, which has been widely now said is evil was the concept of a lobotomy. That's where they took things and chiseled away pieces of the brain, basically brain damage to try to cure mankind because the problem of course must be a physical problem and of course the brain is the center of who man is. He's just an animal, a physical creature, and so we need to chisel away at your brain, give you a lobotomy and we will fix you.


The only thing they did is they ended up giving people brain damage. Well, they never did anything bad anymore because they were so brain-damaged that they couldn't do anything anymore. So they didn't cure man. Only thing they did was disfigure him. It's kind of like helping a man who has a limp by chopping off his legs. It did not solve the actual problem, it just mutilated the man.


Then the chemical issue, and this goes through all of people in the United States of America. Somebody is on drugs everywhere. Right now you have the prevalence of pot and smoking marijuana so much now that is so popular that you cannot walk outside your door or your home, if you're going to walk outside of a restaurant, if you're going to walk outside of my own school, there's people and businesses around and you can smell marijuana everywhere. Drive down the roads with your windows down and you are going to now smell marijuana. It's now such a common occurrence, that's all you smell. Because people want to be drugged and people want to drug you. All the old sci-fi movies and books and things like that of the 60s and 70s all talked about one of the leading focuses that kind of governments [inaudible 00:15:30], tyrannical governments wanted to do to the population was to give them a drug, and this drug was going to keep the people sedated.


So this idea of drugging people is very prevalent. If we just give you drugs, alter your mindset, then we can get rid of whatever we think is a bad thing. In the case of young children, it's now behavior. They are making children chemically dependent on powerful drugs, powerful drugs that they are now going to be set up for life as, "What's the solution to my problems? Give me a drug." And so they're abusing children with pharmaceuticals and calling that love. That is not love. Love is teaching a child how to control themselves and see that the problem no doubt is themselves. It's not a chemical problem or a chemical imbalance. You are the problem. You don't need drugs or methamphetamines to learn how to behave yourself. You can learn how to control yourself without drugs, but this is one of the ways they believe mankind can be changed.


It doesn't get rid of man, his problems, his theft, his anger, his anxiety, all that. All it does is either masks it or destroys it. Kind of like the lobotomy. You didn't get rid of the man's problems, you just gave him brain damage. He couldn't know what he was doing or he couldn't do it anymore because he literally physically could not do those things because he's brain-damaged, he's drooling on the floor. And children, whenever the drugs wear off, their problems come back because the problems are not solved with drugs. Why are they now school shootings? You have children who are growing up going from never learning to control themselves to being in drug-induced states, and so now they are now just going to be drug-induced and coming off those things and going back on them, coming off them, going back on them, and you are creating murderers.


This idea of a chemical problem is the greatest abuse of children in our modern times. And of course the last form of how to control mankind according to humanism is very simple: incarceration. "We will imprison you. If we can't get you to listen by propaganda, if government indoctrination does not work, if we can't chemically get you to calm down and listen to us, then we will just incarcerate you and throw you inside four walls and lock you up for the rest of your life." These are man's solutions to the problem of mankind and his sin, which of course is not listening to his fellow man.


Now, all this stuff does not work. It does not change man at all. The only times that man is change is when he is chemically altered temporarily or of course he is long term disabled like the lobotomy. Or let's go back to the mind magnets. What are mind magnets supposed to do? The same thing as the lobotomy. They're just not putting spikes inside your skull, through your nose cavities to destroy your brain. They're just using magnets to destroy your brain instead.


And it was very interesting because the study when they were doing these things with these destruction of the brain using magnets, one of the things they were trying to do in the study was to get people that had a problem with immigrants, immigrants who were coming into the United States. And these people were not come here legally but illegally and they were not people who liked America but hated America. So you are talking about an invasion. That's what that really means. You're talking about people coming into your country who hate you, who hate your government and want to destroy you and hurt you, and what they're trying to do is take those kinds of people and after they bombarded their brains with magnet waves, now of course they would no longer see these people as threats and they were no longer upset by this concept. So lack of a better term, they're trying to brain damage people so much that they could not see people or situations that would be dangerous to themselves.


Now, don't you see where this is going? Brain damage enough people and they don't see a tyrannical government as being somebody that is trying to hurt them and they will just walk like sheep to the slaughter. This is the sick, disgusting nature of mankind. That's what it is. He wants mankind to be enslaved in body and soul to him, and if he can't do that, he'll incarcerate them, put them into slavery or murder them all. This is the history of man, so what is the simple solution? As we're talking, we are Christian parents and Christian teachers talking about the future, and the future is very bright because mankind is and has been losing since the beginning. Since the flood, God had a plan and has been acting that step by step up to today and mankind has slowly, slowly, slowly losing, losing, losing.


So the solution for rebellion against God, against God's government, the solution is very simple. We have three different ways that the Word of God says mankind's problems are solved. The first one is pretty simple: the education of man. This is many different levels. It's inside the family, it's inside the community, is also on the civil level. Inside the family of course, this is where the families are teaching their children, raising their children, rearing their children, and they're supposed to be the first school, the first church, the first everything is the family, and so that's the very most potent place that a child is altered and changed is the family. No one has a greater impact on children than the family. No one can be as destructive on a child as the family.


Then comes the community. This is more of a school setting where now the community's standards is being taught to the child and reinforcing hopefully that which has already been taught in the home. Families who are then putting their children to schools which are not enforcing what they've already been teaching are now having a system at war with them. This is the problem with the Christian family putting their children into government schools. They are not supporting you and what you're trying to teach.


And then there is a civil level. This is more this civil realm. This is the larger community, the nation, this is what happens on your news. These things as well are supposed to be supporting the home, the school and now the nation and the courtrooms, the civil government, everything. When we teach thou shalt not steal in our homes and support that in the schools, we should see the punishment of that in civil government and of course the support, the blessing, the promotion of those who are hardworking and the abasement of the thieves.


The second point would be the justice of man. This is what is supposed to be done of how man is supposed to be treated. The positives and the negatives, the carrot and the stick. And so inside the family, the family has the responsibility to teach conduct and to enforce it. Coercion, it does have the responsibility to coerce their children into good behavior, to promote the good and to of course avoid the negative. Then you have the same thing in the church, you have the same thing in the school, you have the same thing in your place of vocation and the same thing in the civil realm. Everything is positive, everything is negative. There's a positive, there's a negative for every action, and man is influenced and changed as these ideas are supported in every single different realm.


And lastly, these are only externals. These are external things that can help shape a person, but what about the long-term? What about the change that changes the person forever? That gets rid of the darkness that is in his heart? Because you can't do that with education and you can't do that from the civil government and justice.


The third solution is something that we can't even control. We can't even ask for it. We can't make it happen. We can't give it to somebody and that is the rebirth of man. That's the work of the Holy Spirit in remaking a man, changing their heart of stone to a heart of flesh. It's not something that we can ask for or give to anyone, it is the work of the Holy Spirit and only Him. But we can do a lot. That's why Christian parents and Christian teachers are so very important. We can educate and we can give justice in every sphere of our lives and we can give hope. We can point our children to the solution, to Christ and to the new birth. That is our calling, that is our job, and we get a reward for doing that. We don't always change people, but we can make a difference. Thank you again for joining me on Preschool Pioneers. This is Jeremy Walker. God bless.

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