Discussion on the Law of God from a systematic theonomic perspective and that paradigm as it interacts with Christian living in a fallen world in need of the light of Christ as revealed by His Word Alone. As well as Apologetic reviews of non-reformed theonomic systems of thought in form of critique .

Hosted By: Joshua Somerville-Lowther

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Joshua Somerville-Lowther (JS Lowther) is first a Servant of The Father through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit of Grace and has been since his conversion in 2001 at the age of 20 wherein he was compelled to leave the contemplations of rational agnosticism by a free and unmerited gift from the dispensation of YHWH God’s love to seek after His face by Faith.

Joshua has been married to his wife Danielle since 2001, a woman he boldly says has no equal in his eyes, Mrs. Somerville – Lowther is Bro. Joshua’s best friend and ever-pressing strength in the times of needed encouragement, always by his side as one flesh and bone- truly joined together by God as bone of bone and flesh of flesh.
Mr. and Mrs. Somerville-Lowther have 4 children and more on the way!

Brother Joshua has been involved in local ministry since 2003 when he was ordained as teaching deacon (minister) by the laying on of the hands of the elder men for “Central Pennsylvania Congregation of GOD”. In 2008 Brother Joshua joined the Church fellowship of the late Monetary realist and Bible Law advocate Bruce G. McCarthy in S.E. Ohio where he served in helping Bro. Bruce’s efforts in teaching and promoting the Law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ abroad as well as in the local fellowship.

In 2015 Brother Joshua began the internet outreach ReNewed Covenant Ministry to promote the local Sabbath Bible Studies of the local congregation as well as some more extensive studies in regards to the Law of God (Theonomy) as the Christian reality, a “Biblical Reality” in all areas of life.

It was with Bruce’s passing in 2016 that Brother Joshua has made an attempt to be more active in the ministry of serving Christ by putting shoes on bigger than his own feet in continuing the walk upon the mountains of Zion where Bro. Bruce left off: Proclaiming a voice for Christ the King and the primacy of His Law in Calling His Covenant People to Repentance by His Grace unto Reformation and Reconstruction.

In 2020 Joshua formed Sola Scrip Torah as an Apologetic arm for outreach, with hopes to interface with the heathen and the Christian world to offer a better answer to a dying people lost in the darkness and chaos more directly from the Holy Law and councils of YHWH God of heaven and earth.

Many thanks to CR101 Radio for offering this platform for our efforts to launch in the Radio podcast form as you see it here this day!