Podcast Host

Joshua Somerville-Lowther

JS Lowther (Joshua Somerville-Lowther) is ministering pastor of Renewed Covenant Ministry of Appalachia and the Ohio Valley Called of Christ in Washington Co. Ohio.

Rev. Lowther has been married to his wife Danielle since 2001, a woman he boldly says has no equal in his eyes, Danielle is Josh's best friend in times of life's joy and bonded helpmeet in the times of needed encouragement, "she's truly by my side where I need her to be, truly joined to me by God as bone of bone and flesh of flesh."

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Lowther currently have 5 children and 1 grandchild.

Rev. Lowther has been involved in local ministry since 2003 when he was ordained into the ministry by the laying on of the hands of the presbytery of the “Central Pennsylvania Congregation of GOD” in Lancaster Co. PA.

In 2008 Brother Joshua joined the Church fellowship of the late Monetary Realist and Bible Law advocate Bruce G. McCarthy in S.E. Ohio where he served as ministering deacon in helping McCarthy's efforts in teaching and promoting the Law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the local fellowship and abroad.

In 2015 Brother Joshua began the internet outreach ReNewed Covenant Ministry to promote the Sabbath Bible Studies and sermons of the local congregation which seeks to encourage and further educate listeners in their understanding of the soteriology of the Reformed trinitarian faith, the sanctifying work the Law of God as it is used by the Holy Spirit, as well as the monolithic Christian ethic of Theonomy as the only true reality staring with the family.

Bruce’s passing in 2016 behooved Rev. Lowther to step into the service of the King Christ more directly by taking the pastoral ministry of the local Congregation and continuing the walk upon the mountains of Zion as McCarthy had done before him:

In 2020 Joshua formed Sola Scrip Torah as an Apologetic arm of ministry, with hopes to interface with the heathen and the Christian world as to offer them both a better answer more direct answer from the Holy Law of YHWH God in opposing this dark and death ridden culture.