Narrator, teacher, missionary

Nathan F. Conkey

Mr. Nathan Conkey hails from Northern Ireland where he currently resides in the Belfast city. He has worked in East and West Africa, in Korea and in Mexico in various capacities supporting Christian missions and Christian education.

He has been working for several years in a voluntary capacity narrating Christian audio books. He has been labouring along side Grace Community Schools in Naples Florida to make Rushdoony's writings and recordings more accessible to serious Christian laymen. He has helped narrate and produce several dozen audiobooks of Rushdoony's books. Currently he is engaged in taking the transcripts of the audio of Dr. R.J. Rushdoony's many audio recordings and turning them into eBooks, including the question and answer sections. His desire is to make such content available to all those who want it.

He currently teaches a small group of Christians in the UK every Sunday in an online setting. In this time of great flux and change in the world he sees the answer to all these issues in the Christian faith. To this end he is dedicating himself to become a better learner and better teacher to all those seeking answers.