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Focusing on the Kingdom: The Genesis of the Kingdom - Our Prayer, His Lordship: Dominion & Marriage Order

• Mar, 21 2024

After a long season away from CR101, Brother JS Lowther has chosen to return in hopes of continued propagation of Christ's Kingdom truths so need in the Christian world of falsehood, false science and delusion.We are going to restart our time together with 'Focusing on the Kingdom' - a sub-series which will contain shorter podcasts 20-40 min long that will seek to establish fundamental truth of Kingdom living for the Christian Family, Church and Society. The Law of God will be our focus as the Kingdom is the King's Dominion ruled by His Law with His faithful subjects devoted to in love and admiration.In this first episode of our new series, we will start with the agreement every Christian has in the "Lord's Prayer" and ask the question, how much of that prayer do you think about? Do you pray it contrary to the Lord Jesus' instructions? If not, have you considered how this pray has its genesis in the Law of God as it pertains to the marriage and the family?Join Sola Scrip Torah once again as we launch this new adventure into the exploration of the Coming Kingdom of God and of His Christ!

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