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I Have the Power to Crucify Thee

• Mar, 22 2024

In episode nine of "The Last Kingdom," titled "I Have the Power to Crucify Thee," host Jeremy Walker embarks on a profound discussion on the nature of power through the lens of the biblical encounter between Jesus and Pontius Pilate. Delving into themes of faith, authority, and the Christian response to contemporary societal issues, Walker critiques the pursuit of power through humanist means and emphasizes that true power is ordained by God. The episode navigates a variety of topics, including the US Justice Department's actions against Tennessee, proposals for handling pedophilia in Kazakhstan, and the far-left's aim to remove Christian influence from America. Walker also addresses the controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling and the misuse of gender identity, urging a return to Christian values and discipleship as the solution to societal ills. This episode challenges listeners to consider their own perspectives on power, authority, and faith amidst the complexities of the modern world.

Hosted by
Rev. Jeremy Walker

Husband, Father, Pastor, Teacher, Podcaster, and Christian Education Advocate

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Jeremy Walker (00:14):

And welcome back to The Last Kingdom. I am your host, Jeremy Walker. This is episode nine for March 22nd, 2024 and it is entitled, I Have the Power to Crucify Thee. We are going to be discussing the famous scene between Jesus and Pontius Pilate. We're going to be discussing world events like the US Justice Department suing the State of Tennessee over HIV. We're going to be discussing Kazakhstan taking off the genitals of pedophiles, the far left want the end of America, breastfeeding perverts, and how J.K. Rolling has been targeted by perverted men because she refuses to agree with them.


Well, welcome back to The Last Kingdom. We're going to be discussing these subjects and hopefully more, but let's go ahead and jump into a wonderful scene. But before we do, I want to ask a question. We are supposed to be on this podcast talking about our faith, our families and the future, but a question I think you have to stop and ask yourself about all those questions is this. Are you a professing Christian but a practicing humanist? Are you? Well, by the end of this episode, I think you should be able to evaluate yourself and be able to give yourself an answer. "Am I a Christian, thinks like a Christian, acts like a Christian, looks to the future like a Christian? Or do I think like, act like and see the future like a humanist?"


Jesus had a wonderful showdown with Pontius Pilate and it all has to do with one subject, power. That's right, power. People love the idea of power. The humanist thinks that power comes out of the barrel of a gun, coercion, the mob, but that's not where power comes from. You cannot seize power in this world. It must be given. You can never have independent power in this world. It is delegated power. So who is it that gives power? Who is it that delegates power? And the answer is simple.


Let me read our passage. John 19:7-11, "The Jews answered him, 'We have a law, and by our law he ought to die because he made himself the son of God.' When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he was the more afraid and went again into the judgment hall and saith unto Jesus, 'Whence art thou?' But Jesus gave him no answer, then saith Pilate unto him, 'Speakest thou not unto me, knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee and have power to release thee?' Jesus answered, Thou couldst have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above. Therefore, he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.'" To fail to understand this passage is a failure to understand our faith, to understand how it impacts our family and especially how it impacts our future and dictates our actions in this world.


Jesus, at no time ever should give you the Christian the impression that the world is out of control. At no point in time does the word of God ever give the reader the impression that the world is out of control, that evil men are in charge, evil men have power in and of themselves. This is not true. One reason why I wanted to do this podcast is because of this subject. So many Christians are pessimistic about the future. They think that there is a struggle going on. There's not. There is a struggle going on on the side of God's enemies, struggling for power, struggling for position, struggling for independence, but there is no struggle on the part of God, nor on the part of God's people, his church. There is no struggle.


If you look at social media, turn on the news, watch your fellow Christians, they all talk about politics endlessly. The new thing to discuss and talk about and find a position on, Christian nationalism. They want to talk about it, "Christians need to be in power. We just got to get together. We just got to get enough people and we get our guns and we get enough people and we take over from these pagans." This is ridiculous because Romans 13 is very clear and wouldn't you know it? There's much debate about this as well. Romans 13, verse one says, "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers, for there is no power but of God. The powers that be are ordained of God." What does that mean? Well, it means that there are no powers, but those that have power from God, that are ordained by God. That means every single person, institution or government with power, from the beginning of time to today, to the end of time, only have power because it's been given to them.


Pontius Pilate said, "I have the power to crucify you or to let you go," and Jesus says, "You have no power, except it was given to you first from my father, which is in heaven." God has a plan and every single person, every single authority, every single person with any power anywhere is ordained to habit and to be where they are currently at. It's part of a plan. It's not a plan that's out of control. It is a plan that is going on exactly as it is supposed to.


Now, do we know what that plan is? No, we don't. Do we necessarily have to say, "That's what I would do?" No, we don't. We even saw Jesus himself in the Garden of Gethsemane praying three times that there was another way for everything to come about for God's plan to culminate, but without his sacrifice, then that's what he wanted. He was a man. I teach this story to children. He was a very, very, very good, no nigh perfect son, but he was a man and the thought of being tortured and killed was a very tough pill to swallow. But at the end, what did he say? "Not my will, but thine be done."


You have to have faith, you have to have trust that God knows what he's doing and in the end, his people win and all of his enemies will be crushed. You have to see the world through the proper lenses to see reality. You don't have to have a bumper sticker that says, "Let's go Brandon," on it, being upset at who the current president is or what's happening in the White House. Now, should we keep informed? Yeah, sure. Should we talk about it? Sure, we could talk about it. Should we have positions that are for or against certain things? Absolutely. What do you think discipling the nations is?


But it's not a political party. It doesn't have political goals. There are by-products that are political, but they're not the main emphasis. God's people have been told to disciple the nations. That's right, disciple the nations. We're supposed to teach. We're supposed to preach. Now, by the foolishness of preaching, God's plan is going to come about and man looks at this and says, "This is no threat to us." They laugh at it. They laugh at you poor Christians because you don't want to grab your guns and go take them out. In fact, they're quite upset that in the United States today though, there are so many millions of guns. Nobody's trying to take power by force. Do you know why that is? There is twofold. The one is that the people are so immoral, they love the evil that's going on in this world. That's a big one. And the other side is that they're Christian influenced and revolution, violent revolution is not the Christian way.


I want to jump to some stories in world events and give a Christian's perspective from it. The US Justice Department is trying to sue the state of Tennessee, and why? Because they think that Tennessee should not criminalize those people that have HIV and don't notify those that they have sexual contact with, that inside their bodies rests an incurable sexual disease that is easily transmittable and will destroy the other person's immune system and eventually kill them. They want the State of Tennessee to allow these people to go around the sexual deviants, the sexual perverts. They want them to be able to readily and easily spread their disease around the world without restraint. "Thou shalt not kill," doesn't mean anything to the current US Justice Department.


Now, here's a question for you. Is this part of a plan? Why? Yes it is. Who is it that is going to spread and have sexually transmitted diseases? Well, only those people who despise God and God's commandments and despise God's restrictions on sexual activity, God's enemies. Who are they going to spread them to? Well, the same exact kind of people. This is a judgment by God. As the world spins on, God is allowing evil people to show their evil and of course, sow their evil fruit. And what's going to happen? They are going to destroy themselves. God allowing the Justice Department to try to attack the State of Tennessee is just further judgment, further judgment of sin in our nation.


How do you help people? You help people by giving them the truth. By discipling the nations, you tell people, "You can easily avoid HIV. You can easily avoid dying. All you have to do is obey God. It's really that simple." But are they going to do that? Absolutely not. And God is going to judge people for doing it. And the people that are currently in power in the US Justice Department, God is allowing to do exactly what they're doing, and what are they going to achieve? They will achieve the blessing of God's people and the destruction of his enemies. The worst thing you could possibly give to any person is exactly what they want.


What they need is regenerate heart and mind, one wanting to obey God because that mind, that is not self-destructive. The man that is at war with God is at war with himself and they will destroy themselves and no amount of laws or otherwise is going to prevent it. You have to obey from the heart. You don't need a law to tell you not to do something. All you need is your conscience, a Godly one, and it'll keep you from sin and from evil, and out of judgment.


On a similar note, in the country of Kazakhstan, they've devised a way of handling the worst offending pedophiles in their lands. What is it that they want to do? Well, their idea, would they propose a law that would remove the genitals of these worst offending pedophiles. Well, I hate to tell you, but in Kazakhstan, the worst offending pedophiles will not be purged from the land by removing their genitals. The sin of pedophilia and the victimization of children isn't because of genitalia. That's not where evil resides. Evil resides in man's heart, and wouldn't you know it? If we did our job of discipling the nations, would Kazakhstan or the United States or anywhere else have a problem with pedophilia? Well, no, it wouldn't. Why? Because God tells us exactly how to deal with such evil.


What's the solution? Those people are removed from society. The death penalty is for such people. And how many people do you have to put to death before it starts to take an impact in society? Not that many. Not that many. The death penalty according to God's law does twofold. It removes, like Kazakhstan is trying to do, the worst offending people, and then on two, it scares the rest into not doing the same. It has a cleansing effect on society.


So what is the power behind discipleship? It reshapes man, it reshapes families and it reshapes societies as a whole. It purges out disease. It cleans the wound so that the good can heal and grow. There was a post, I think it was on Twitter, now known as X, talking about how there was the far left, and I think this was from Elon Musk, saying that Americans aren't ready to believe that the far left really, just their end goal is to destroy America. They don't believe that. It's just so far out there, so far-fetched that they can't believe it. Well, they do want to destroy America, but not necessarily America itself.


See, in the interview, the young man said that he wanted to end America, but when he was asked to talk on it more, he said, "We want to decolonize it." And when he was pressed, "Well, where should people go?" He said, "Well, you don't really need to leave the country per se, but to leave the places of power. So Washington State and all of the courtrooms and all the rest, and we want to get those people out of there." So what did he mean by decolonizing? What he means is Christian influence. He did not want Christian influence in society and its impact not only on the individual and the community, but in the law structure itself. Because if you did not know, in America today, Christianity is built into the bedrock of its foundation and its law system. Absolutely. People want to try to deny it, and it has been perverted to a large degree, but it is a Christian nation built on Christian principles.


It's going to take a lot to try to get back to where the nation used to be, but we don't need a political leader. We don't need slogans like Make America Great Again. What we need to do is make America Christian again, and if you want to do that, you will then make America great because America is not great because of the people that live there, where they come from, what they look like, what their skin color is. It was great because of who they followed, their foundational religious beliefs is where their power and blessing came from. I want to touch on two other subjects before we get to the last.


I also saw the news, men now who are these men who are claiming to be women. And one of them had written a post about their experience, what they called breastfeeding an infant. Where they got this infant from, I don't know. I don't want to spend too much time on the concept of human trafficking and of course pedophilia, both of which is within this subject. But the man admitted in his article about the sensation of attempting to breastfeed as a man. And yes, he admitted to being sexually gratified by it. Pedophilia 101, but can America stand up to such perversion? Can they stand up to perverts who want to get sexually gratified by infants? No, they cannot. They've lost their religious foundation to do so, and as I said, they don't want, Americans in general, a clean nation because that would mean going back to God more so than we are now, back even where we were at the inception of America. That is way too Christian for them.


Well, the sad part is we are moving into the future and for them it's sad, for us, it is a wonderful thing. It's only going to get better. Will America survive that? I don't know. It may, it may not. Nations have come and gone as they rejected God and God's lordship over them. But if we're going to try to help and benefit our nation, we're not going to be trying through politics or power. We're going to be using our tools, evangelism.


And the last thing I want to touch on before I get to a little bit of media is J.K Rowling, the Harry Potter author, has been targeted now for a very long time by men who want to call themselves women. Now, but no stretch of the imagination is J.K Rowling on the side of the Christian. She's a feminist, she is a humanist, but she's not humanist enough to accept the fool perverts out there who want to call themselves women and get sexually gratified off of having a young infant suck on them. Because she's not, she's been targeted now for a very long time. And somebody was trying to target what they thought was her grandchild and they were criticizing another person who was trying to target this, a young woman who they claimed was going to be her daughter and granddaughter. And they say, "Well, you can't target this person because they're not actually related to J.K Rowling, and you're going to target somebody without just cause. You're going to cause somebody to kidnap the wrong kid."


In other words, J.K Rowling is being targeted to such an extent by perverts that they are literally calling for the destruction of anybody who knows her and the potential kidnapping of even her proposed children or grandchildren and the harm of them. In the post that I saw, she said, "Well, if this isn't going to stop and if it's legal action that it's going to take, then that's what it's going to take." Well, I hope that she does take legal action because nobody has stepped up in the UK to stop these perverts from doing the things that they're doing by targeting people needlessly. They are the most hateful people on the planet and the people that they hate the most are themselves.


There is not a big surprise why the highest suicide rate of anybody according to what they say is that same community, the ones that are confused about how God made them, and these are the ones who are killing themselves at vast numbers. It's not a surprise. And sadly, those that are suicidal want to take out other people before they go. What's the fix though? The fix is simple. Christianity, the teaching of God's commandments, teaching people about what God says about them, teaching them to repent, and of course, being good examples in the community as we try to evangelize.


The last thing I want to touch on is some media. I want to touch on the concept of The Patriot, great movie by Mel Gibson some years ago on the American Revolution. And there's a great scene at the beginning of the movie where they're talking about should they go to war? And they're talking about all the injustices of King George and Mel Gibson's character stands up, Benjamin Martin and says, "Yes, there are these problems, but tell me, why should I give up one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants, one mile away?" And that is a thing of beauty because that's exactly what we've been talking about on this entire episode of The Last Kingdom. Those tyrants that are out there, if you switch them out, you just get something worse. And they're all under God's control. They're not actually tyrants at all. They're judgment. There's a giant difference.


Not a single person has ever held independent power, and they never will. It's something we have to, as Christians, make sure we wrap our minds around. I've been trying to share various topics on news and events, and even talking about The Patriot a little bit, to help us understand that for our faith, for our family, and for our futures, we have to have the proper outlook. We have to be a Jesus and not a Judas. Judas was obsessed with the idea of power. He wanted Christ to come on a giant stallion with sword in hand and wipe out the Roman government, who he thought was oppressing him and all those like him. When Christ had a different plan, he abandoned him. Are we going to abandon Christ as well? Choose today, who are you going to follow? Judas or Jesus? This is Jeremy, Walker, The Last Kingdom, signing off.

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