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We are Blessed, You and I

• Mar, 12 2024

Hosted by
Rev. Jeremy Walker

Husband, Father, Pastor, Teacher, Podcaster, and Christian Education Advocate

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Jeremy Walker (00:22):

And welcome back to another episode of The Last Kingdom. I am your host, Jeremy Walker. It is a wonderful February 14th, 2024 Valentine's Day. We have an episode for you, entitled We Are Both Blessed, You And I. We are going to be discussing Proverbs five. We're going to be discussing fractional reserve banking system and amortization schedules including bank loans, segregation, how the sitting president of the United States has been deemed unfit to be held accountable for his own actions, public executions, bible translations, culture appropriation, and much more. So let's go ahead and kick off this episode, episode number four of The Last Kingdom. Welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode. I want to go ahead and get us started with quoting the verse that's going to kind of overarchingly be the backbone of this episode. Proverbs 5: 22 and 23. "His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself and he shall be holding with the cords of his sins. He shall die without instruction. And in the greatness of his folly, he shall go astray."


One thing I did not get to mention in the opening of this is what we're going to be discussing in media, one of my favorite all times scenes of any sorts in media has to be in John Wick part one. It's where Vigo the, I'm not sure you can call him a villain, and John Wick, definitely don't think you can call him a hero, are sitting down towards the end of the film having a conversation about themselves and about their lives. We're going to get to that. But first I want to talk about one very important subject. As Christians, why are we so pessimistic? Where's the fire? What are we missing?


At no point in all of scripture are any Christians supposed to get the impression that we are going to lose. At no point should there ever be the impression that evil people control the world. There is a secret cabal that's out there, and they have a plan for us and they are succeeding. No, they don't. There are conspiracies and there are evil out there in the world. But guess what? The Bible's very, very, very clear. They're little marionettes who are just dancing, dancing, dancing to God's tune. And the reason why Christians seem so pessimistic, so down in the dumps is they lack good solid doctrine. If they had it, we would be talking about victory nonstop. When you talk about evil, you're not just pointing out evil, you are also talking about Proverbs five, where your iniquities are going to seize you. They're going to take you. You are going to be destroyed by your own doing, and there's nothing you can do about it. If you don't turn from your sin, if you don't bow the knee to Christ, if you don't seek forgiveness, your life does not turn out okay.


There is no happily ever after in your future. This is the message that Christians should be pushing. Instead, they seem to think, for some reason, that they're losing, that evil has the upper hand and Christians are just the suffering people down here. We're not. Bad things might happen to us, but we are victors. Those of us who've been given new life, new creations, we are the first fruits of the future. We're victors, now and in the future. Wipe off the pessimism that's on you, and let's talk about some subjects. First, I want to talk about something that I'm not sure most people know about. I started out very young and kind of jumped into the world and very ignorant, very, very ignorant for a long time. I now have 11 children. I am now 43. I have three grandchildren. Two of my older children are now grown, got families of their own. I own my own home.


And just recently this week, I started learning some basic things about the banking system. Didn't know. I worked through it. I successfully navigated it through ignorance, but I did it. So let me share some of the things that I should have known and maybe this will be helpful to you. First, just a kind of interesting background discussion about our current banking system in America and around the world called fractional reserve banking. What that means is when people put their money in the bank, it's not actually there. In fact, if every single person ran in to get their money from the bank, they call that a run on the bank, they cannot get their money. It's not there. You give it to them, but they don't hold it. A very interesting thing in America is that it is not illegal to have all of your money just in cash and never use a bank. That is not illegal.


However, if you are a person who just so happens to have more than $10,000 at any point in time and you decided to travel with, it can legally be seized by law enforcement under the guise of illegal activities. So to do that is very dangerous in America today. However, I did some research, and apparently there are two very interesting concepts. One, the average American doesn't have more than $ 5,000 in the bank at any one given time. That's it, if they have it at all. The family might have $20,000 in the bank. And the figures I was looking at did say that these figures were skewed because some people had a lot more, and therefore it kind of bumped up the numbers. So most people are never going to run into this problem of any sorts. See, banks themselves take your money and they give out loans so you can buy stuff. When you go buy stuff, you then have to take out the loan from the bank to try to buy yourself a home.


What happens is you go to the bank, and the bank says, "We will give you money. We will back you for this if you sign our contract." When you sign this contract, the bank now has a lien on that property. So you own it, so it means you're fully responsible for the taxes and everything else about it, but for some reason, if you stop paying on it, that bank can come in and say, "That home is ours. We have a claim on the home because of the money we put up." That's the lien.


And if there's any problems, the bank can take back the home and any money you put towards it, gone. So you never want to fall into those type of situations. That's what a lien is. If you get a loan right now as a young person, or if you're a parent and you're listening to this, you need to explain this to your kids. I had to go through. All of my kids are getting older now. They're getting to that age where they're going to be looking to get their own homes and these ideas. Here's the question. If you could take a loan of $300,000 and the interest was only 6.5... Right now, I've heard that's about the norm, I've heard higher. But let's say you take out a loan. They like to give you 30 year loans. It's going to take you 360 months to pay back a $300,000 loan over 30 years at 6.5% interest. What some people may or may not know is that interest is not off of $300,000. It's $300,000 every month.


So determining how much money is currently owed every month, 6.5 of that of your next payment goes towards interest, which means the vast majority of your money, especially starting out, those many first years, are going to be almost entirely just interest, not paying on your 300,000 loan at all. Over the course of 360 months, if you had 6.5% interest on a $300,000 loan. I looked at the figures with amortization schedule, which is how they break it down, and you would be paying, over the course of 30 years, $382,000 plus just in interest. That's more than your original loan. Over the course of 30 years, at that rate, you'll be paying back $682,000 plus, over two times the original amount that was given to you. That is staggering. It's staggering. There are some people who say you can get wealth by going into debt. These people are nuts. They're nuts.


Freedom is being debt free. I've talked about maybe on this podcast, maybe on one of the other ones that I run, that the Christians' goal is to be free men, free men, not in debtors. The Bible is very clear that it says that the man who is in debt is servant to the lender. You are now in a form of slavery by your own choice. In America today, there are only two reasons I can really see a person should go into debt, long-term debt, which is maybe over seven years. Why is that? Mostly because 50% of your income is being stolen from you via taxes, over 50%. So we're already handcuffed at the beginning. And now, you're going to go into debt mostly for either a business loan or for a home. I can't think of anything else that was going to be a reason, a good reason to go into debt as long-term.


But it's something you can't avoid. In this world, these type of high prices and these type of interest rates and all the rest, it's almost impossible to avoid. But you should know how this stuff works. You should know that you do not want to make your minimum payment. You do not want to make just the payment that they give you. If you do take out a loan and it's 30 years, you want to try to pay that back as fast as possible. I've heard some people say... And this is something my wife and I did. I think our rate that we had to pay back every month was around $700, and this was many years ago. But we would put down a thousand dollars a month versus $700 a month. So in other words, extra money, we had to actually say that extra $300 plus went straight to the principle. But when we did that, it drastically reduced how many years we pay back.


It also meant that any investments that you were going to try to make, you would have to have your money making for you more than 6% interest. At the time when I had a loan for my home, it was 6% interest. And I was trying to put money in CDs and other things like that to try to earn a little bit of interest, but I wasn't getting anywhere near 6% back. So once I realized that by trying to put my money in CDs and things like that and not paying back my loan, that I was actually losing massive amounts of money due to interest. The light bulb went on. Now, I didn't fully understand this stuff like I do now. I didn't see the numbers, but that, I did understand. And we quickly started putting everything we could towards our home and get out of debt from that loan. And eventually, it worked, owned the home free and clear.


Now, don't get me started, that you don't actually own your home because it sits on land. And that land, you don't own. A very unbiblical thing is property taxes, horrible evil. Because you can own your home, but you can't own your land. You are a lifetime renter. That's right, a lifetime renter. You do not own the land. You will never own the land. It belong-

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Jeremy Walker (14:03):

You do not own the land. You will never own the land, it belongs to wherever you live, the county, the state, the city, and you are going to pay taxes and if you do not pay those taxes, you know what they're going to do? They're going to seize your property, which just so happens to have your home on it, and then they're going to take that and sell your property to somebody who wants to buy it and they're not even trying to sell it for the full market value. They're only interested in one thing, getting the money back from the property taxes, getting a new tenant, you could say, in that property so they could then start paying the rent.


Now for Christians, we need to understand how the world works because we are not victims of the economy. We have to work within a broken system. It's run by broken men, but it is not something that holds us down. We can be victors in every realm. I know people like to talk about the spiritual stuff and we're victors in Christ, but that means the world of reality too. You can become master of your checkbook. You can become master of the banking system. Yes, we understand what it looks like. Yes, we understand it's oppressive, but you can overcome it. You can be free from it. You're never going to be free from everything, but you can live successfully in this world and not be thinking you're some kind of a victim all the time. Let's jump to something else I thought was interesting. New concept. These age-old concept of segregation. People like to talk about segregation because America does have a history of where they had Segregation in the United States where colors were doing this, and whites were doing that.


Restrooms, water fountains, places on the bus, all these kinds of things. Then America matured. It matured spiritually and it went away from that concept to start seeing all men as created equal under God, as they should from the beginning. You have to remember, nations are full of men. Men are sinners. But the interesting thing about America is America got better. It got sanctified. It started moving away from segregation. We don't have it anymore in the United State. Or do we? There is now a brand new movement to bring back segregation as a good thing. The colored and brown people, black, colored, and people of color, however you want to name it, what the new names they're using, want their own areas and they don't want the whites there.


You know what the saddest thing about this is? I was thinking about the subject, and going, if there were people, let's say there's a cabal out there, and they really don't like, maybe let's say they are what they call white people. Let's say they don't like the black and the people of color, whatever you want to call them, and say that we want to bring segregation back. We hate the fact that America got better. We hate the fact that people were starting to be treated equally like Christianity teaches, what God's law teaches, and we want to bring back division. We want to bring back treating people differently based on arbitrary concept like skin color. If you wanted to do that and you were an evil cabal, what would you want to do?


How could you pull it off? Simple. The people you don't like, make them think it's their idea. That's right. You like the idea of segregation and so therefore those people whom you don't like, who you would like to make second class citizens, the people that you'd want to push to the side, because these are all non-Christian ideas because Christianity does not teach a form of segregation that is, what some people call, racial.


We believe in segregation that is moral, completely different subject. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin and everything to do with your character. And that's something people hate because it's reeks of God. But if you are this evil cabal, you make people think it's their idea, you promote it. Yes, you should have your own spaces, you should have this, and what happens in the meantime? They're getting back to where they used to be. See, if you look at it from that perspective, the very people who think that they are winning are losing, and it's the people who dislike them the most who are doing it to them. But is this a problem for Christians? No, it's not. Why? Christians don't teach this idea. It's a foreign concept. We believe that all men are created equal under God and equally under God's law.


It's a character question. It's a moral question. Has nothing to do with what you look like, where you came from, what languages you speak, or anything else like that. We can overcome these things just by simply being Christian, by promoting what God says. God's law. Segregation of this type that we're discussing, does not exist in a Christian nation, period. And if you noticed in America, it did go away, it went out of fashion you could say. They're trying to bring it back, though. There is a war going on, people, if you didn't know.


Let's jump to our next subject, which I'm going to be discussing very briefly. Is the nation's leader being deemed unfit to be held accountable for any actions he may or may not have taken, criminal or otherwise? people made a big deal about this. Why? Well, mostly because it's supposed to be the leader of the free nation, the greatest nation on the world.


He's got his nuclear launch codes and that's the person supposedly in charge of this kind of stuff. That poses a problem. But when you stop and understand, like people are saying, that there is a problem in America, it's a really big problem. It's not about who's sitting in the office or whose name is president. It goes much deeper than that, much deeper than that. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but you can see the winds as they are changing, and you can kind of see what's happening in America today. But why is it that I'm not pessimistic about this kind of stuff and why is it doesn't bother me whatsoever? Even with all the chaos of all the things and all the plans and taking money and sending off to here and sending off to Ukraine and all the craziness that people are doing, why is it that it doesn't bother me? Because I am a complete conspiracy theorist, and the greatest conspiracy theory, which is a fact, is that God is the puppet master, and it is all throughout scripture.


You are a Christian. Start thinking like a Christian. Yes, oppose evil. Yes, point it out. Yes, work against it, but don't ever think it's out of control. These people are completely dancing to God's tune. He is the piper and he's leading them right down the path to destruction that he wants them for, and for his people, victory. They're not going to win. We are. We just need to get it through our heads. We are not losers, we are winners and we should be about time to start acting like it, being confident in it. Turn that frown upside down. Now I want to jump to a different concept which is about public executions. Wonderful topic, right? Well, there's something interesting about public executions. In the Bible, Rushdoony taught in Institutes of Biblical Law, the death penalties and all the rest that are in there, and he was interviewed one time and I saw the interview recently which jogged my memory of the subject, and they were really hitting him like, "You would bring back the death penalty for this, and you'd bring back the death penalty for that?" He said, "Well, yes I would. It's not my idea, it's what God said. I can't disagree." Yeah, well, we can't disagree.


One very interesting thing about the concept of public executions is this: Getting past some of the other stuff, and let's jump to a different part of it that I don't think people think about all the time. When a family member is murdered, and let's use murder as a death penalty, capital offense. When a family member is murdered by somebody, this hurts not just the person who is murdered but everyone around them, their family, their friends, their everything, the society, everything. It hurts everything. And there is a call for justice.


We know this must be answered for. We know it deep down in our hearts. You see them on the TV, see them in the courtrooms, and they're smiling at people, because these people are unrepentant. These people are nasty and people have to sit in the courtrooms and watch those smiles from these filthy murderers all the time. And even though they go to jail, nothing actually has happened. They know in their heart God's law, they know justice was not served for their family member who was harmed, murdered. Now in the Bible, first of all, capital punishments were not easy to do, if you know the Bible, had to be two or three eyewitnesses. Physical people who go into court and say, "I saw this."


They were going to people, to be the people who were going to ensure that justice in their community was upheld. That's what a witness was. They were seeking justice on God's side, witnessing against the person who committed the crime. Once that was all done, and of course, obviously, guilt was established, death penalty. First, the witnesses had to participate, and second the community. Now when that takes place, family members actually participating in performing the execution of the murderer. That does something to the psyche, a healing of sorts. They get to see justice being done.


Another aspect of a similar concept is the concept of accidental murder. The axehead that flies off and kills somebody, not purposeful. These people had to go to a city of refuge. There, they had to stay and they could not leave until the high priest that lived at that time died. So that could be a really long time.


But what does that do? What purpose does God's law in this case serve? Why do that? You might or might not remember the movie Signs. In Signs, the main family, the father, his wife got killed. It was an accident, but got hit by a person who kind of dozed off in their car and accidentally killed the wife in a car accident, pinning her to a tree and she died. Well, they lived in the same town. They constantly had to see this person all the time and every time they saw him, the person who did this, fresh wounds were picked open. So by following God's commandments on things like cities of refuge, making the person who even involuntarily accidentally killed somebody, they had to move out of the area.


Now imagine what that does now for the person. They don't have to keep having the memory of this person brought up again and again and again in their face, and the healing that can take place and the solace that they can get from accidents do happen, but I can move on. They don't have to continue to pick it over again and again.


God's law has a way of healing. First, it destroys the disease in society. Those people who are committing acts that are deserving of death penalty offenses are viruses and diseases upon culture, upon society. First, it lops off these diseased members of the body and then it allows it to heal. God's commandments are amazing things for bringing about cultural stability, getting rid of evil disease, and letting the good grow. It's truly an amazing thing. So maybe that's something you haven't considered about the concept of why death penalties exist and how they actually operate, but I found I wanted to share that just a little bit.


Now, the next thing I wanted to share is something that happened whenever I was going over Bible verses with my family. I think I mentioned last time that I do Proverbs with my kids, and I really like to do it. There are these people who are known as the King James-only people. These are people who believe that the King James Bible is the only Word of God in English. And anything besides the King James version is not the Word of God. One thing they don't know is that, well, when you translate things, they don't translate verbatim. That's one thing. I find when you look at various translations, which I am a King James-only kind of guy to start with, as I read the Bible primarily in the King James version, it is my go-to, but I like a website called Bible Gateway, and it has tons of translations. I also have a Bible called The Word, the Bible from 26 translations, wonderful resource, and I ran across-

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Jeremy Walker (28:03):

... patience, wonderful resource, and I ran across a difficult passage in Proverbs. And so, I pulled it out and started reading it to my kids. I wanted to share that with you guys today, and how this works, and maybe you can rethink about the way translations of the Bible work and how they can work in your favor. But let's start with Proverbs 18:24, and let me give you the King James real quick. " A man that hath friends must show himself friendly, and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."


It's kind of obscure when you stop and look at it, but when you take the other translations that are from the same type passages, and if you're only monolingual, you only speak one language, then you may not know this, is that when you translate for somebody, you're saying, "Well, what he's trying to say is this," and then you put it in your own words and you paraphrase sometimes, you're not really translating verbatim. But the meanings come across, and meanings can come across very clearly.


So, let me go ahead and jump into here a few other translations besides the King James. Here it is. Let's try another one. "A man of friendliness shall have many friends, and there is a friend who sticketh closer than a brother." Not too much off.


Let's try a different one. "A man having many friends shall come to ruin, but there is a loving one who sticketh closer than a brother." Okay, that gives it a different connotation.


Let's try another one. "There are friends who pretend to be friends, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." If you notice, the meaning is starting to come around a little bit here.


Let's try another one. "Some friends bring ruin on us, but a true friend is more loyal than a brother." Oh, now we're starting to understand a little bit more with the various translations. This verse is basically saying this; there are people who would call you friend, but through their ability to not be a good friend, to guide you in the right direction, they're going to hurt you, versus help you. Then there are those very rare, loyal, meaning they're there for you, they're there to help you, they're there because they concerned about you, and this person is going to stick beside you, they're going to help you, they're going to guide you in the right direction when you need it. These people are few and far between, and you got to be careful who you make friends with, who you allow in your circles, because not everyone is going to benefit you. And many of them, especially depending on what crowd you think you want to be around, are going to lead you in the wrong direction. But a loyal person, a good friend will only promote you, will only help you, will only protect you. And what does a good friend do besides promote you? Obey God. All the liars, they're going to be on the other side, promoting that you disobey God. So, think about that when you're thinking about Bible translations. If you are a Bible teacher, a pastor, a father, a mother, anybody who's going to teach the Bible, these kinds of things, when you run into those difficult passages, there's two things you should do. One, scripture interprets scripture. That just means you're going to find meanings in the Bible because other passages will interpret what you're trying to go over. It explains itself, in other words. Two, you can look into various translations and you can get one that's less obscure and gives a different spin on it, which can help you understand the intent of what the verse is trying to say, what God is wanting you to understand.


And so, I thought it was interesting when I showed that to my kids and how those things worked, and I thought I'd share that here because don't be afraid of translations, but you should be careful because there are some that are deliberately obscure on purpose. People have gone out of their way to do that, and those ones are easily known, because they're going to be, one, not in context with the rest of the Bible. So, it's going to be an interpretation that disagrees with other parts of the Bible. And two, it's going to be completely different than the other various translations that might be out there as well. Because if you notice, most of them are pretty much the same, just with a little spin. Then you're going to find one that's really whacked and you're going to go, "Ah, that one, I'm going to completely stay away from." So, anyways, thought I'd bring that up.


Next, I want to touch on something that I thought was disturbing, plus something that we should pay attention to. There is a movement, this was coming out of Canada, but it's also here in America, where people are saying that parents don't have rights to their children, what they have are responsibilities to their children. So, the government is coming in and saying, "You have no rights that protect you from us. You only have responsibilities that we say you must do this or we're going to take your kids." See, the government sees themself as the Lord and you as the slave. That's what it sees us as, a godless government does that. It views the children as theirs, not belonging to the parent, because it doesn't go God, family, child, extension, civil government, where the civil government is assisting the family, protecting the family, using perhaps the death penalty to protect the family, to give justice to the family. It sees it as the Lord, and therefore, you don't have rights against the government.


It's like us saying, "We have rights against God. God, you can't tell us what to do." No, we don't have rights against God. We have responsibilities to him. That's what the governments are saying, "You don't have any rights where we are concerned. You only have responsibilities to listen and do exactly what we say. And if you don't like it, we'll just take your kids from you. We'll just incarcerate you."


This is an important subject for Christians to be aware of and to understand how to combat it. It's not difficult. The vast majority of the time, when the state is getting involved, at least right now here in America, it goes like this; you take your kid and put them into the government school, the government school teaches your children that you are not an authority, there is no God. "We, the government, are going to protect you from your terrible parents. We are going to help you. So, you tell us there's something bad and we're going to swoop in and we'll protect you from them."


In fact, there's many public school teachers on TikTok who are saying that children need protections from their family. Why? Because they want to come in and give children rights against their parents. What does that mean? It means that they're taking away the God-given protections that the father and mother are for the children. The parents are there in legal terms to do as best interest of the child. As long as the parent is trying to act as best they can, with a clean conscience, in the best interest of the child, that is their responsibility and duty as a parent, and that means protecting the child even from themselves.


In the case of these people trying to convince children to lop off parts of their body and otherwise, this is the parent saying, "Nope, this is craziness and this is not real." Governments like Canada are saying, "If you don't affirm this child and their abilities, we have now taken advantage of this child. We're exploiting this child. We are harming this child and you can't do anything about it."


Now, the vast majority, 99% of the time right now, people are giving their children to these people, to indoctrinate, to exploit, to religiously abuse, and then claiming, "Oh, my gosh, how did this happen?" You are, as the parent, your child's shield. And people want to talk about clinging to their guns and, "You can come and get my gun for my cold, dead hand." That shouldn't be the concept. It should be, "I'm clinging to my children, to my family, and you can get them, you can destroy them, you can kill them, you can exploit them, you can harm them over my cold, dead body," and that should be the actual position that people should have.


The parents' position is to protect their children. And right now, the world is full of evil people, but you know what? The evil people are only exploiting them mostly because you're letting them. You're giving them over to them, especially when you turn them over to a government system like the educational system.


Another very important aspect, which I haven't watched the video yet, was talking about young children and social media. You're giving your children a window into a world of perversion, is of my personal opinion, one that I promote heavily. That until your children can be basically held accountable as adults, in this case, in America, we'll call it 18, my children personally are not allowed to have social media accounts of any sorts until they're 18 years old. They can't have their own Apple ID. They can't have anything without restrictions. They cannot have access to the internet until they're 18.


Why? Everything and everyone in the world is trying to exploit your child and you're giving it to them. When your child comes home and has been exploited, 99% of the time, it's your own stinking fault. Don't blame the world when you fail to do your job. You're a stinker. Blame yourself, protect your kids. The world is evil and God gave your child a protector. It's you. Get that through your head. If you do, your children just might be able to go through this world and be protected from all the slime and the disgustingness that's out there.


Moving on, kind of on the same subject was young girls talking about and being interviewed about their body count. That means how many people they have slept with basically, and they were proud of their numbers. They were numbering way over 100, and these were young girls, probably early twenties. This is what you get whenever you don't teach children properly. This is what you get when parents don't do their job. This is what you get when the church doesn't do its job.


We should be developing a culture of purity. Young girls, in particular, also men that are pure until they're married, and then stay married. Not a difficult concept when you want to think about it.


This is not normal, meaning godly, it's not normal for people to see women being exploited and be okay with it. That's not normal. We should be having our women in such high esteem that we protect them from other people who would exploit them, because we know they will be exploited.


In fact, most of them want to be exploited. "Oh, that's terrible. How could you say such thing about women?" Have you not heard that women always go for the bad boy? Have you not heard that? See, women like the concept of the Don Juan DeMarco and the Casanova. Why? It's because those kinds of people seduce them. In other words, they make them, meaning the women, believe that it's okay to give in to them, it's not really wrong, the enjoyment is worth it.


Men are given women to protect. It is our job. Fathers, your job. Brothers, your job. Husbands, your job. And not just to protect the women that are either your wife, or your sisters, or your mother, but also the women around you. Men need to be men, and then and only then can women be women.


But Christians should be teaching these basic simple facts. Are they? Are the churches full of pure people? We're not talking about the stupid, ignorant purity culture people, with their little purity rings and, "I'm going to date my daddy," dances. That's not what we're talking about. We are actually talking about people who teach their children God's law, keep their children out of circumstances where they will give in, because if you think that your child doesn't want to give in to sin...

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Jeremy Walker (42:03):

If you think that your child doesn't want to give in to sin, you're wrong, especially when their hormones are just raging. You have to protect them from themselves. It's your job. When your daughter ends up being interviewed on TikTok about her body count, yes, it's her fault. And I'm guessing 99% of the time, you can trace that back to the failures of the men around those people as well. Mothers too, but mostly men.


Once again, you can exploit my daughter over my cold dead body. That should be our position. As Christians, that should be our position. When people talk about Christian women, daughters, mothers, the concept should only be virtue. Virtue, that's it. Anything else is unacceptable.


Another interesting concept before I get to my last topic, which is discussing John Wick, is the concept of surrogacy. And I hadn't thought about this one before, but I saw a picture of it and it showed slavery, people who are buying people. Bad. And then it showed surrogacy where people pay a woman to have a child, their child. A lot of times it's going to be in the concept of going to some kind of clinic. They take the egg from the woman. They take the seed from the man. They combine it, then they stick it in the host, which is the surrogate, and that person then gestates this child who then is given back to the parents. Nowadays, of course, they're doing even crazier things where they're going through IFV, think it's called, where people are purchasing seeds.


A woman who wants to get married, so she goes to one of these clinics and she is given artificial insemination from some man who decided to donate or where same-sex couples are going to these places that eggs were donated and seeds were donated, and then they are getting a surrogate and they're getting this child from this person, though they can't produce any themselves. And the person who made the video or the image was showing that this is now the okay form of slavery, purchasing a person.


And as a Christian, it made me pause. It made me stop and think and go, "Hold on a second here." Yeah, yeah. Imagine if our half a second, a couple had children and said, "Well, we need some money. You want a baby?"


"Oh, okay."


"Well, what we'll do is we'll get pregnant," whatever the form, whatever the mode, whatever, whatever, " and then for amount of money, I'm going to give you my child that formulated in my body, that came from me, and I'm going to give it to you for money." How is that not comparable to kidnapping, to slavery? I think there's a absolute case to made for this, and I think is an absolute biblical case to say this is wrong. This is something that no Christian should ever agree with or participate in. Your children, once again, are your responsibility. God gives them to you. They are now yours. They're not yours to sell. They're not yours to give away. They're yours to take care of.


Interesting thought. Interesting concept. Something to think about.


Let's move on to John Wick. Let's roll right into that. Let me set the stage. John believes he's God, and therefore if somebody kills his dog or steals his car, he doesn't need to follow God's law and say, "Well, you have to pay me restitution," which means if you killed my dog, you have to give me a dog back in return times two or my car times two. God has laws of restitution for creatures and possessions.


For John, John believes he's God and if you take something from me, I'm taking your life. You can't steal from me. I'm God. See, that's what John Wick's concept was. He has a God complex, but that's not the focus of the thing that made me think this is the best scene I've ever seen in my entire life. Let me first play it for you. Hold on.

Viggo (46:49):

You always had a certain audacity about you. I can say you're still very much the John Wick of old [inaudible 00:47:14]. People don't change. You know that. Times, they do.

John Wick (47:22):

Then you got married, huh? Settled down. Oh, you managed that anyways.

Viggo (47:29):

[inaudible 00:47:29], I guess. Yeah. Yeah, well, you had your wife, I had my son, and believe me, you had a far better deal, and then you left and the way you got out, lying to yourself that the past held no sway over the future, but in the end a lot of us are rewarded for our misdeeds, which is why God took your wife and unleashed you upon me. This life follows you. It clings to you, infecting everyone comes close to you. We are cursed, you and I.

John Wick (48:28):

On that, we agree.

Speaker 1 (48:38):

Find the common ground.

John Wick (48:41):

Okay, step aside. Give me your son.

Viggo (48:48):

John Wick. Baba Yaga.

Jeremy Walker (48:49):

There you go. But here is the interesting thing about this scene. Somebody wrote this that was not a Christian, but man, oh man, does it have every truth that the gospel sings forth about them, the concept that man, on his own does, not change. He cannot escape his nature. He needs a savior. They try to lie to themselves and say, "Well, I can do evil, and it's not going to come back around," but they know it's not true. I like how Viggo is talking here and he says that it clings to you. It infects everyone around you, everything and everyone that they come in contact with, they are a virus. They hurt everyone. They don't help anyone. I like how Viggo confirms the fact that God killed your wife. He actually gives credit where credit is due. He even gives credit to the fact of how God uses other evil people. He pits them against each other.


As Christians, these concepts, one, are very biblical. They should be something that we know and we teach and they give us comfort. Evil men will be taken by their own sins. They can't get away from it. Everything they do will fail. They destroy only. They can never build. They will not win. They cannot win.


God also takes evil people, and he lets them destroy other evil people. People get so disheartened as somehow Christians have to go do this and Christians have to go do that. All throughout the Bible, it shows God raising up one person to take out another, just like this conversation is talking about, and they know they're cursed, and they're okay with it. They're okay with it. They're just going to keep living their life until they eventually get killed or kill themselves. Why? They can't escape. It's a prison of their own making, and at the end, John shows his godhead by saying, "Step aside and give me your son. Show your worship of my godhood, of my claim, my right to your son's life."


John has a God complex. Viggo understands who he is, and as Christians, this should all give us comfort because the world doesn't sit in ignorance. It sits in deliberate, deliberate denial. Some people are against media. Some people don't like things like TV and movies and the rest, but if you watch them, like this one here, it bleeds through that they know exactly what's going on. They know exactly who they are. They know exactly where they're going. They know they're going to lose. Why don't you know they're going to lose? Why is it you don't teach your children that they're going to lose, meaning the evil of the world is going to crumble and fall?


If your family is Christian, if you are a Christian, you are not going to lose. You are going to win. You are winning now. You're going to win in the future. These people are going down. They know it. It's time that you knew it. It's time that you lived like it. Well, this is Jeremy Walker for the Last Kingdom. This has been February, Valentine's Day. I'm glad you brought and had some time with me and came to listen for a second or two. I hope I gave you something that can uplift you, edify you, help you to grow in maturity so you can perform good works and so can your family. Don't worry, God's got it all under control. Thank you for joining me, and God bless.

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