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The College Scam

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Rev. Conrad Long

Preschool Manager, Preacher, Blogger

The College Scam

by: Conrad Long

When I was growing up not too long ago, there was one ubiquitous question from any adult interested in your future: “Where are you going to go to college?” The basic presupposition being not only that going to college was a given for any functional person, but even that where you went to college was of paramount importance to your future success and identity.

No one seemed to question why this massive investment of time and money was necessary. Regardless of whether your intended career required a degree, or whether you even had any idea what you were going to do afterwards, the universal advice was to go. “It will open doors for you.”

Many of my generation are only now discovering to their shock that many, I dare say even most, of their degrees are worthless. And far too many of them did worse than waste those years (and small fortunes!): they learned to blame their parents, their society, and the universe for all of their troubles. They learned a wicked worldview, with a scapegoat for every fault, and a fist raised at God. And contrary to popular opinion, this was not limited to infamous liberal universities, but was generally to be observed on every campus, being taught and accepted everywhere.

As it turns out, the way to success is generally to work your way up. If you have to learn something for promotion, the best way is typically to learn it on the job. And if you want to study history, or literature, or computer programming, you don’t need to pay some institution a hundred thousand dollars to tell you that those things are really White Supremacist. In fact, it turns out that higher education is just about a perfect example for the old saying: “If you want a job done right, do it yourself.”