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The Forgotten Family Business

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Rev. Conrad Long

Preschool Manager, Preacher, Blogger

The Forgotten Family Business

by: Conrad Long

In 21st century America, the stereotypical household consists of two parents, working separate full-time jobs, or perhaps multiple part-time jobs, and sending the kids off to school, so that each child and both parents spend almost the entire day apart from their family. “These things ought not so to be,” to quote James. And indeed, things were not that way until very recently.

Many Christians, desiring to avoid this situation, hearken back to the 1950’s. The mother should stay home, and not go out to work for someone else. Quite a few improve upon the 1950’s model, keeping the children home with the mother, to learn from her instead of outsourcing education to a godless government. But still the father is away from his family most of the time. “Oh well,” They say. “That’s just life.”

The fact is though, that is not the best situation for a household. Nor has it been the norm for most of history. Only recently has the first world accepted the divided family as the standard.

The most desirable situation, which seems now practically to have fallen out of memory, is the family business. The family farm, the family shop, the family trade, has been the norm for most of history. The father may be together with his family, and teach his children his trade. The mother may be a greater help-meet, not leaving her husband’s side, but being his most trusted associate. The children, in being with both of their parents, may have a more complete education, and learn how to run their own businesses one day as well.

The home does not always have to be divided. Let us return to a better way. Christians, return to the family business!